Why personal branding for professional writers?

kausarbilalYou are a known creative writer, guru, an emerging author, or whoever under the umbrella of pen,  you need to tell about your distinguished talents, your dreams and or goals. Do you want to reach out to your target audience you already know or want to discover? Gone are the days when writers used to take years to earn some name through their personal networking and conventional media. In the current fast paced digital era, you have to embrace collaborative web technologies to make dreams come true.

First of all, be clear about your own identity; who you are as a professional? A creative writer? Well, which genre of writing are you really passionate about? Are you better at Fiction? Journalism? Memoirs? Screen Play writing? Or are you translating some old classics?

Secondly, what do you aim to do? You want to be a millionaire? Would you like to be famous and glamorous? Get published in newspapers? Write books? Teach writing? Write plays? Translate? Volunteer teacher for creative writing? Set up your own creative writing school?

Thirdly, in your area of passion how can you be distinguished among your peers? Or what can you offer more than others? For example, as a creative writing expert, do you have exceptional creative writing education, experience and skills? Do you have a good network of international writers who you may engage to help your students in other genres of fiction or nonfiction writing?

Fourthly, do you think you will cater only well-to-do students with a ‘Prices are Fixed” tag or want to give chances to the inner writers, no matter what. Money is not your priority but the promotion of reading and writing? So, you enroll students with genuine writing talents even on discounts and scholarships.

This exercise will identify who your target audience is – educational institutes, news agencies, movie makers, publishers, celebrities, NGOs, kids, youngsters, adults or whoever?

In other words, you have your reasons for the world to perceive you as Out of this World.  And, you are convincing in selling yourself better than others. This is what you want the whole world to know about; internet is there to show your professional skills. It will carry not only your introduction to your target community, who is already looking for people like you, but also bring back their ‘Reply’ messages to you. An interaction will be generated between you and them where they will listen to you directly and stay updated about your activities and offers. And, similarly, you will be instantly get their feedback. Thus, you will know about their real needs and wants and how to satisfy them.

Social media can be your playing ground for opportunities and leads.  Alongside, depending upon the market needs, you may be given opportunities to teach screen play writing online as well. So, if you are available online with a buzz, you are accessible for your target audience around the globe.

The process that starting from the self-identity to dreaming, reaching out to your target audience and communicating with them is called personal branding. Internet offers you tools – start with a website, support it with a blog, that will keep your name abuzz online. Websites are crucial for your online presence, but they need blogs to keep the two-way communication going on all the time. Through blogs, your target audience will be updated about your past and present endeavors and get an idea about what you are capable of in future. They communicate their opinions, and, voice their wishes and expectations from you through their comments and Likes/Dislikes.

Side by side, these blogs use Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ take your message  to the next level. Both ways, you attract more and more audience and engage maximum number of clients.

The more branded you are, the more price you ask for, for your services or skills.

Now, it’s up to you whether you would like to do all this yourself or want to hire a social media savvy person to do it for you.

  1. Certainly, personal branding is vital in digital age due to number of reasons each one has their own. I believe our personal branding depends upon how we project ourselves to the world in front of us. The way we speak, talk, the way we are honest, sincere and dignified in our thoughts and ideas is all about our personal branding. We are only branded if we are honest to ourselves and others and lead in life with confidence, care, love, passion to be the difference makers.
    Be a brand!

  2. Making choices is always difficult. Do it carefully. When you have decided, stick to that. Wish I could hire a competent outsider who could do all this and beyond for me.

  3. Excellent post as always.

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