Why Pakistanis Can’t Capture The Freelance Writing Market?

Kausar Bilal – Writer, Writing Trainer, Life Coach

If you prob into digital work market as Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, Freelancer and so on, you will find an extremely low percentage of Pakistani workers there. Mostly, Pakistanis with IT educational background access work on these sites. However, Non-IT people miss out on so many work opportunities that require content writing skill that matches the standards of the international market. It is so because no Professional Writing Training programs are available on any educational or professional level in the country.

Digital Writing or Content Writing are the names used for Business Writing today. Anyone who can demonstrate command of basic English grammar and can compose sentences using the correct tenses and vocabulary can be trained in Copywriting. Once he is professionally trained in Digital Writing, he can access a huge content writing market around the world. He can work as a Copywriter, Ebook Author, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Advertiser, Business Planner, Freelancer or Home-Based-Business-Owner.

Even CEOs and executives become more effective with their communication when it comes to communicating with their superiors, juniors, peers, and clients. With right written communication strategies, they can not only save time but create a stronger impact on their colleagues. They have no idea that writing training will change the entire work environment of their corporations.

The question is how can writing training do these wonders for professional writers?

I would say, writing is a science, a technique. Once someone learns it and starts following the compositional rules, he or she can become an influential business leader. My Digital Writing Training is all about inculcating these principles, art, and strategies. If you want to use your word-power to be rich, please do contact me via E:kausar@gmail.com.

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