Why Only Imran Khan? Let’s decide on merit this time!

wallpaper-Imran-Khan-1It was the end of semester and my hopes were rising. I was very sure of my methodical teaching and on hand training of students. So, I was expecting better work assignments from my undergraduates. But when their work went through my hands, I was shocked. They were not able to even think straight, let alone evaluating the things. I gave them margins for their grammar at this earlier stage, but was unable to ignore their composition of ideas and their writing technique. I was wondering why the irregular and un-systemized thinking patterns didn’t change despite dramatic changes in Pakistani society. I had no answers except that educational quality hadn’t improved at our government schools.

The same lack of evaluation prevails everywhere in Pakistani society. People don’t know how to judge matters. For example, when people come to make opinions about the national political parties, they don’t use brains. Rather, they follow the opinions of their elders and traditions. They vote for a party because their family has been supporting a party for many years. They want to be loyal with the party no matter how corrupt it has been. They don’t know there is or should be a criterion to be with or against a party. Loyalty should not be blind. There should be limits for emotional attachments as well. But this transformation needs thinking skills, objectivity and an intention to be fair.

Similarly, when they come to PTI, they don’t know how to compare it with other parties. They get entangled with petty matters like Imran Khan as a person is dominating, he married a wrong lady (or why did he get married at all at such an old age?), some of his party members didn’t have a clear past, etc. They are unable to identify PTI as a corruption-free party. PTI is fighting against a corrupt national system that has been ruling since 1947. It has nothing to do with Imran Khan’s personality, his family affairs, his party members (as long as they don’t get involved in the corruption) or so on. So, if we want to get rid of a corrupt system and build a New Pakistan, we have no choice but PTI.

We can differ with Imran Khan and PTI, but we know they have an excellent past record: Cricket World Cup, Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospitals, Namal College Mianwali, KPK reforms and so on. No other political party could match PTI in this selfless and remarkable contribution despite being in the power several times. Everyone in Pakistan knows that only PTI has the sincerity, ambition and courage to bring a dramatically positive change in Pakistan. They intend to address the actual issues of the country as illiteracy, poverty, corruption, youth development, unemployment, problems in energy sector, etc. rather than getting a business for them and their families through building roads, Metros and urban beauty.

So, who should be supported now? Let’s go beyond our traditional mind and decide on merit this time!





  1. I would definitely agree with Kausar for her in depth analytical pictorial depiction of what Pakistani society actually behaves when it comes to political wisdom, decision making process and understanding of political dexterity.

    It’s very sad and dangerous actually!
    Majority of Pakistani society doesn’t really evaluate and analyse the political aspects, past performances, corrupt malpractices etc. of the politicians instead they still value, give more leverage to the family affiliation with particular party or referential influence ignoring the very least opportunity of switching to another political party and try something new.
    Such are the very traditional practices of our society which have viciously infected our political, judicial, economical, cultural and educational systems.
    I am from KPK and I would rate the people of KPK to be more politically aware, independent and impartial in making political decisions. They’re highly democratic even though majority of KPK people aren’t that well educated and economically more viable than Punjab province but still KPK people have more wisdom and understanding of their political psychology. First, they vote a political party then they keep on measuring the grossly performances of that party. The very time, you are either kicked out or survived. Choice is yours: Perform well and have votes else you are off and who is next!!

    This is the very positive and productive thinking that the entire Pakistan should follow. PTI in KPK has been performing well and that’s why KPK provincial assembly has been rated at No. 1 with 44 index scale of Galop survey surpassing Punjab which is still racing at No. 2 with 42 points.
    PTI in KPK has revolutionized KPK: brought tremendous improvement in police as KPK police is now a living example for entire Pakistan, law and order situation restored, economic prosperity risen up, empowering the poor and marginalized section of society with women participation, health sector is improving day by day and corruption is massively reduced. Such are the obvious examples of PTI in KPK and we’re so happy with PTI and that’s why we voted enormously to PTI in local bodies election.
    We will vote again to PTI, that’s for sure.

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