What is Life Coaching?

What Is Life Coaching? How Does It Help?

Life coaching is a thriving profession around the world including Pakistan. It is a service that is opted by educated, well aware and progressive people. They are true to themselves and want to live fulfilling, happier, successful and purposeful lives. They hire coaches to build their dream lives regardless of their age, education, gender, career or ethnicity.

Coaching sessions take you from where you are in life now to where you exactly want to be. If you want to know how to deal with a certain situation in life, what to choose among several choices, how to inculcate a certain quality (strength), how to overcome a weakness, how to enhance a skill, how to solve a particular problem or whatever, a Life Coach can be a strong support and guide. However, Life Coaching doesn’t deal with issues that need medication or psychological therapy.

CEOs, managers, professionals, parents, housewives, students or anyone can be benefited by a Life Coach.

Now, the question is, “what is Life Coaching?”

Life coaching is a kind of counselling and mentoring, but interestingly, it is different from mentoring and counselling in nature and technique. The differences are:

  1. Coaching deals with individual issues. So, it caters only one client at a time rather than dealing with groups.
  2. Coaching is a partnership where a coach empowers a client to find out the solutions that already lie within himself but are hidden or overlooked by him or her. Thus, the client doesn’t feel that some solutions are imposed upon him from an outsider.
  3. Then, the clients are given strategic work plans for certain time periods so that they can implement the plan and move on towards their dream destinations.

Life coaching helps the clients in many ways:

  • It helps them sharing their thoughts, emotions, worries, wishes and personal issues openly. The Catharsis helps in clearing up minds and eliminating confusions. Coaching, further, tells them who they are, what exactly they want from their lives, what is actually important for them at a particular point in life and how to achieve it.
  • The clarity of mind sets the directions for the lives of the coachees, which furthers helps in setting goals.
  • Once the goals are set, a coach helps the clients developing workable work plans according to his wishes, desires and preferences.
  • This is not the end of the story. Rather, even after a coaching session, a coach stays in touch with his clients to further empower them to implement their work plans in a certain time frame.