Voice Gender

I looked at my watch and took long steps to be on time for my meeting with the librarian.

“I have to take lunch and offer my prayer before my class…” I calculated my time for both things and pushed the glass door of the library. His glass cabin was on the other end of the library hall. I went past the long rectangular tables surrounded by heavy wooden chairs. They were full as always with students bent on their books. Some forbidden whispers and low-tuned laughter touched my ears. I reached the right place and found a person standing at the door of his office wearing a white shirt and black dress pant. He was lean and medium heighted, with a rectangular face, tan complexion, small eyes and short curly hair.

“Wish I have met him before, at least once during these two years. Now, I could identify him.” I regretted.

“Are you Mr. Ahsan Farooq?” I inquired him directly.

“Yes.” He looked at me through his glasses.

“This is Kausar Bilal.” I introduced myself.

He blinked his eyes with a blank expression and struggled to comprehend my words.

“I have an appointment with you.” I reminded him feeling disappointed. I expected that he was expecting me.

He turned his head away and answered someone else who just approached him.

“What is it?” I couldn’t comprehend the attitude. I waited for a while but the conversation was endless.

“Excuse me, I have an appointment with you.” I interrupted trying to hide my annoyance in my voice.

Lazily, he slightly turned to me, thought for a while and entered in his office cabin. I followed him uninvited. He went straight to his desk and stood opposite me with the same weird expressions on his face. I also moved towards my chair, but still standing, expecting some courtesy from him.

“Do you save your mails?” I asked.

“Yes.” He bent down to switch on the computer. I started to feel as if I am imposed upon him. Feeling unwelcomed and uninvited, I tried to defend myself. Now, my irritation and annoyance was written on my face.

“Please check your mail, you wanted me to see you and you gave me this appointment.”

“Yes.” He smiled a bit very first time.

“Actually, I was expecting a male.” He confessed nervously.

“Ohhhh….” My neutral name, Kausar! But mostly it is given to girls.” I was stunned.

“Hmmm… So, can a noticeable voice be of men only? ( My mail to University authorities as a student that took their attention)”? I couldn’t figure out.

“Anyway, please have your seat…..Yes, we have your mail print.” He picked up an A4 sized paper from his desk and we both sat down.

“Actually, I wanted to explain you a few things.” He said pleasantly and confidently.

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  1. Very well writen. I could feel the annoyance too, even though I’m just a male. Great open end. 🙂

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