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tuttifrutti kausarbilalBlogging Workshop or Tutti Frutti Treat was a very exciting and cherishable moment, when positive energy was flowing from top to bottom because the learning urge of the participants was responded very enthusiastically by S A J Shirazi. Unlike our traditional or regular learning sessions, we cherished every moment of it and ended up concluding we really came benefited out of it. The best part was we did everything on hand which really enriched our experience. At the end of the session, we went to Tutti Fruitti and it became a memorable moment for each and every one of us. We opened up easily and shared many things honestly because we had the opportunity to be ourselves and not to be judged by anyone. And we were delighted that way.

When we came to Twitter, we were excited to know that it does have a technique to be optimized. Tutti Fruitti in winters, while sitting in a cozy and colorful ice-cream parlor, we thought of making some tweets once we get back from the meet. At that very absorbing hour, we came to know how to interact at Twitter in a meaningful way. Rather than posting links of our posts, we were told to interact with people in meaningful and logical ways. Reply, Retweet, Favourite or Tweets were the options we had to get attention of our followers and develop friendly relationships with them. And, for that, we had to be very dynamic, which could only be possible when we were well aware on current affairs.

Talking about ‘Who to Follow’, was replied by teaching us a rule. We should follow those, who interest us or could benefit us. For example, the top names in any profession or brands like BBC, Wall Street Journal, Food Network or so would keep us informed about the latest and top most updates and made us think in the most modern manner. So, they would benefit and interest us both.  Others were those belong to the same profession as we did or had similar careers were tend to be our friends easily.

Twitter was there not to interact with others, stay informed, market ourselves but also create a pleasant profile of ours that could interest people from all over the world. A credible profile was always the one that that had more Followers than Following.

“Interact with other tweeps with this .@theirtwittername

Mark favorites

Reply tweets

Follow only those who interest you not just for numbers

Look, you should tweet in known direction that if one day someone collects all your tweets, it should make a logicall read.” S A J Shirazi



  1. What a great title Kausar and thanks for the mention here. Happy blogging.

  2. Mainly Tutti Fruiti is the real experience I believe, stay blessed and keep posting lovely posts.

    • Thanks Ayesha, yes, its a lovely place for anyone, and specially for bloggers.

  3. Interesting site.

  4. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing! I will definitely be back.

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