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Masooma Sibtain: The Daring Entrepreneur

I could come out of the flash backs of my meeting with the owner of Trends Boutique in Multan, Masooma Sibtain, while she was holding an exhibition at Wexnet 2014. She has an amazing profile which is very inspirational for the Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs of today. She

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How Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs May Afford Digital Marketing?

It was a great pleasure to meet Pakistani women entrepreneurs on WEXNET 2014 at Expo Center, Johar Town, Lahore. I interacted with almost all of them with one question, “Are you (your company/business) present online?” Most of them replied, “Yes, we are on Facebook.”  At the same

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Why Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Prefer Garments’ Businesses?

WEXNET 2014 has been a great opportunity to meet and understand Pakistan women entrepreneurs. Almost 90% business ladies deal into clothing of any kind. No matter what area they choose for merchandising, finally they do add clothes to it. Thus, even the stalls of beddings, jewelry, paintings

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