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Middle Aged Housewives and Writing as Careers

I come across a lot of ladies who are sick of sitting idle after sending their grown-up kids to high school or college. They hate to spending time on phone gossiping and family politics. Rather, they wish to accomplish something for their own fulfillment now. Before, they

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As a teenager I never knew how much health and beauty was important as it was treasured inside me. But I don’t want to lose it now at midlife. I have experienced that beauty is not all about health food, regular work outs, skin care and right

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Pakistani Midlife Women: Simple Steps Towards HEALTH & BEAUTY

I got up in the morning and saw myself in the bathroom mirror. “Oh, really? How tensed and rough my face is looking. Maybe because I could not get a good sleep last night.” I analyzed. “Or, perhaps, it is due to less water intake.” I wasn’t

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