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Are You A Blessed Pakistani?

Dear Pakistanis, I know, no one is happy on this Independence Day because of the chaos spread everywhere in the country. We don’t feel it a safe place for us and for our children. No political powers are interested in solving the problems of the country and

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14th August-Youth of Pakistan Demands Entertainment!

Many Pakistanis don’t know they are going to Celebrate 14th August today. They are too busy mourning over their endless problems that come along poverty. Middle class and above are celebrating the day with heavy hearts, grieving quietly over the non-access of full time electricity, water and

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Pakistan Independence Day May Not Bring Great News This Time

Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis! This time, 14 th August came in with the ambitions of building a New Pakistan through Azadi March and Inqilab March. Though Imran and Qadri are two different schools of thought but they have a common ground; both want to topple

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