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A couple of years ago, I was abroad struggling to be admitted to those universities as if it was my biggest dream in life. I did whatever I could but things never worked out the way I wanted. In despair, I told someone, “I don’t think this dream of mine will ever come true.” The respondent was a young boy, a 15-year old. “Try to make things turn around,” was all he said.

 That moment it was hard to know how, but then time told it was mere wisdom.

Later in life, I observed for me and for others that there are always some flaws that hinder our success. There are ways to make things really turn around.


Analyzing again and again if you are taking the right route is the first step. Do you have required qualifications, trainings or experience to grab an opportunity? Are you networked with the right people in your field who may offer you their professional advice, training or collaboration? Do you explore your opportunities realistically?

I met a guy who had been struggling for his dream job for 5 years despite having all the right experiences and qualifications. Finally, a friend of him viewed his resume and tailed it in the modern fashion. In about one month’s time only, he got numerous work offers. I was stunned to know how an ineffective resume kept him away from his desired luck.

Get Networked With The Right People

These days, hanging out with the right professional people plays a crucial role in your success as they can best guide you where to get best trainings, what are the upcoming jobs that are looking for people like you, how to apply and get those opportunities, etc.

So, do join relevant groups, online and offline both, to be updated about your professional world. Chat, write, comment and build personal relationship with the right people of your trade. Social forums like LinkedIn and Twitter can help you a lot. Attend the meet ups, too.

Go step by step to create a Success Story

First, understand what the rules of the game are. Then, move towards them step by step. I came across a freelance writer who could not get work through online work sites as Elance.com, Freelancer.com, etc. throughout the year despite setting up accounts there. One day, he spoke to a friend of him who had become a success in freelance digital writing. The successful friend viewed his profile and advised him to take two steps:

  • Update and complete his profile by 100% in order to presenting him one of the most promising candidates.
  • Charge less as a beginner content writer, if he was serious in building his success story.  

The advice was taken and things turn around. The low beginning rate rose to his dream rate only in a year. So, always take the right track while being realistic and patient as success does not happen overnight. So, go step by step and let things take their natural courses to fall at the right places on the right points of time.

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Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.


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