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kausarbilal-writerI wake up in the morning, with the alarms of my to-do list in mind for a new day. Hmm…a little bit of exercise before leaving my bed, prayer, meditation, walk… and, now I am ready for my day.

I put aside the newspaper lying aimlessly on my breakfast table that I used to go through during my breakfast once. Now, I know there was nothing that could boast a day. So, I preferred moving to my laptop, checking my daily mail and removing the spam, then my Twitter updates on political scene, on my hobbies and interests, on celebrities, on business and professionals of my choice. Links of various relevant articles from the top magazines around the worlds and top class blogs, not only containing latest information but are loaded with real life suggestions and solutions to actual problems, captivate all my attention. In a couple of minutes, I get what I really want.

I move to Facebook and LinkedIn, checking messages and updates. Apart from the news feed of my family and friends, I find some interesting and useful articles that update me on how to drive my life more affectively and successfully.

As an entrepreneur, my head is full of crazy ideas. I am curious about market trends, I need to know about strategies to reach out to the hearts of people in order to sell my product, my services and my skills well. I need to advertise it all. Social networks are the places where I get instant response.

I want to learn the most modern entrepreneurial leadership skills so that I play my role effectively when it comes to making most of my human and material resource. Twitter and LinkedIn are there to update me on it through spreading all precious links.

I wish to interact with my clients directly. Also, I want to know who my potential and expected clients are. I need to hire services. I look for professionals for my company. Now, I can access it all by myself through messages of social networks and people reply me promptly.

As a student and writer, I can conduct my surveys on various topics without leaving the comfort of my home. As a professional, I can get recommendations. Sometimes, I come across people who become my close friends, business partners and even online mentors.

As a person, I need to meet the challenges of how to manage work and family life? How to enhance my spiritual, social and intellectual strength? How to reduce stress? How to make time for my personal pleasures and interests?

Now, making week-ends absolute fun is not an issue. All new eateries along with their best dishes, gaming places, fun activities being held in the city, latest and most popular movies, tourism opportunities, sales and window shopping options and so on is mentioned openly on these social sites. Now, I just have to decide which option fits in best for me.

Political reviews, book reviews, fashion reviews, food reviews and any kind of information are just a click away.

And, ahhh…every week I get a new food recipe to try out in my kitchen in the evening to relax and cherish time with my family.

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