Blogging Guru who is Ahead of Google

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S A JDedicating the whole month of April for the birthday celebrations of the Best Blogger of Pakistan, S A J Shirazi!

Happy Birthday!

I don’t know why it happens commonly that the thing we need most, just slips away at the hour of need. Same thing had been happening to my computer on April 5, when it rebelled and I was unable to upload the blog.

Javed, when I saw Deb’s and Sajini’s tribute to you on this great Day of yours, I thought I know something unique about you just because of being in the same city. And, it is a perfect time to thank you for everything you did for me.

I could never have been so consistent and successful in blogging if you were not there at the back end. You motivated me to enter the blogosphere by tell me very convincingly that, “You have a lot to say to the world.” And, I believed it. J

Then, many session of blog teaching and learning could make me a blogger today from Ms. Nobody. Today, because of blogging, I know myself better and have my identity in my own eyes. I feel like empowered and strong. During the entire journey, I came across many great things about you. One of the amazing things is your unique teaching style. You are equally comfortable with teaching online, or, offline, in workshops. The interesting part is, you teach through practical workshops and go step by step. In other words, you don’t teach all your tips and tricks at the same time. J Rather, first you observe your student, if find the spark and hard work on the part of him or her, you proceed brilliantly. Your humour and way of handling the silly question is beautiful, where you never let your students down. Rather, you guide and advise them like a wise captain. With you one always feel like a team.

You are always fresh and energetic to talk about blogs, no matter its end of a working day, or you are occupied with some big events at your workplace. And, it is contagious.

You are a very passionate teacher and have great expectations from your students. If a student is brilliant and absorbing, you are enthusiastic to teach him everything you have learnt over the years in minimum time. You have no hidings, no insecurities and no jealousy, when it comes to Teaching. I believe it’s because you are a great human being and a very confident professional because of your competence.

Only a few people know that you have a secretive hobby…that…you love to be ahead of Google, and, you are smart enough to do so. And, only your students are entitled to cherish the knowledge with you.

The best part of your teaching is you always tell your students about their flaws and mistakes very honestly but at the same time offer solutions very patiently, affectionately and politely. This is your way of directing your students to move to the next level as sky is the limit. That’s why your students always find themselves motivated to work harder and prove themselves. From there on, you build up such an amazing and friendly relationship that people don’t hesitate to open up, and, ask and share anything with you.

Your unique aspect is your True Professional spirit. You want to benefit your corporate client more than you commit, and, this is what you teach your students. Actually, you I think only your students know that other than teaching, you are a shrewd businessman. Many times you share your business experiences with your students as well.

I can never understand how you maintain your huge network of 20 blogs alongside your very demanding job at a leading university, Blog Teaching, The Blog Company activities, affairs of of various NGOs, active socialization, a full-fledged family and all. Being kind, generous, attentive and creative to all of them, all the time, is something unbelievable!

From your computer expertise, handling the ‘tech-things’ with ease, Guru-like relationship with tough social networks, variety of blog topics like Thatta Kedona, Travel, Economics, Politics, Religion, Society and what not, to taking good care of your blog community, empathy, and compassion  makes you truly The Leader of the Gurus!

Javed, just tell me one thing, how do you manage it all simultaneously, and, manage it so thoroughly and skillfully?

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Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.

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