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kausarbilalI have been working on various kinds of assignments during my corporate writing career   and came across some interesting experiences. An interesting aspect of commercial blogging is its emotional aspect. Usually, putting all physical reasons aside, people feel motivated to buy something due to is emotional reasons as well. And, sometimes, it is more important than the physical or material reasons. For instance, people like  to spend money on things that appeal to their aesthetic tastes, help them look more trendy, give them a respectable status in society or so. For example, there are people who will consider the looks, feel or and color of a technological or non-technological gadget at No.1.

In a society, where there is no concept of importance of emotional needs, taking care of the emotional needs along with the all other desires of the clients is a new concept. But for a real success, not only reaching out minds but also hearts will play a crucial role in the promotion and sale of a product, skill or service.

Though technical sides of things are undeniably important but what if one is not happy at heart; he won’t be ready to pay. I saw people buying things at their face value rather than their technical facility. A friend of mine preferred the color of her cell phone to its fluidity. So, naturally clients will prefer those cell phones or items that fulfill both of their desires.

The awareness is a positive change in society where some educated and smart business people and corporate bloggers have identified the urge and started to work keeping both the mindsets and emotions of their clients in view. They not only satisfy the customer-needs but also are successful in creating the needs for what they offer.

Same is the case with corporate blogging as well. The blogs that take care of the Feeling and Likes/dislikes of their viewers will beat the promotional reviews that are purely mechanical.

  1. Hi Kausar! I am really happy to find you indulged in a constuctive activity of running a blog of your own. I appreciate and commend you, being my favourite student, from the core of my heart. Keep it up and look ahead. Keep in touch and plz guide me as to how I can put something into it.
    Khalil Ahmad

  2. Thanks a lot, Sir!

  3. You are one of the best corporate bloggers Kausar…….It’s a gift to write like it …lovely post

  4. Certainly, market trends keep us moving like pendulum towards our desires, likes and dislikes as they have no end. Let’s remain confined to our priorities, still we all need new trendy things to keep us updated and become an icon among in our circles.

  5. Thank you Ayesha for your visit.

  6. Your subject which is selling heart from heart really have a longer depth in it.I think u should became a famous writer. Wish u best of luck, keep thinking.

  7. Agree. Heart should be given weghtage while buying any product. Especially the people like me, who are weak at technology, can be appreciated in this way.

  8. No, its not about being weak at technology, it’s about our requirements from technology. And, a nation that has aesthetic sense, personal likes and dislikes and emotions, can’t ignore the emotional part of a technical gadget as well. We are a very sensitive nation, isn’t it? 🙂

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