Purple Cow: How can Current and Potential Entrepreneurs Think Remarkable?

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purple-cow-presentation-by-kilian-drewel-3-728A Purple Cow caught my attention at Readings bookshop.  A ‘Must Read’ book wrapped in white and purple cover, written by Seth Godin, convinced and inspired me categorically just in an hour that traditional advertising is like brown cows that are invisible, and that’s how -it is out! He analyzed all the WHYs and HOWs with the reference of everyday company and consumer behaviors.

“The old rule was this:


Pg: 16)

Contrarily, in the modern world, the visible cow is only the Purple Cow. It’s a paradigm shift that has occurred in the contemporary advertising. 

“The new rule is:


Now, practically, what is the Purple Cow Advertising? Can every business man or business company opt for it? If yes, how? Seth answered this question through product and service case studies which are exemplary for contemporary marketing.

There are certainly some ways of ‘how to fail in selling?’ too. Playing safe, fitting in and appear boring are keywords to failure. “From the time we get to school, we’re taught that being noticed is almost always bad. It gets us sent to the principal’s office, not to Harvard.” (Pg: 47) Conversely, “Being safe is risky.” (pg: 47)

‘Avoiding negative feedback’ is another milestone towards failure. (pg: 47) People are unaware that “Criticism of the project is not criticism of you.” Godin presented some case studies again where negative feedback turned out to be ‘more marketing’. He answers the question, HOW, as well.

‘Advertising for everyone’ and ‘spending loads of advertising budget on quick results’ are also crucial factors from marketing viewpoint, where sneezers have got a powerful role. What if we let them play this role?

Measurement brings improvement, but is it as simple as that? Again case studies help finding the answer.

Creating a Purple Cow once is good enough or it’s an ongoing journey? The rest of the book replies to the question.

I am stunned to know that opposite of ‘Remarkable’ is Very Good, not bad or mediocre.

I believe, Purple Cow, is a guiding star for current and potential entrepreneurs. It directs them towards dos and don’ts to be successful in the current challenging business market. It teaches us how to think as a business person, while avoiding the mediocre and traditional approaches.

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