No Eid for The Environment?

kausarbilal creative writer11 o’clock, almost midnight in a dawning autumn – I stepped brusquely towards the jogging track to accompany my husband there for the daily walk, who was supposed to be there coming from his office just beside the track. Close patrolling of university guards deepened my confidence in the dark night. I was assured to be in safe hands. I always loved the paradise I resided into, the pollution-free, all green and well planned part of the city.

Cherishing the luck I stepped on the track when suddenly my nostrils were attacked by a prominent disgusting odor. I looked here and there in the pole-light but couldn’t find the reason.  However, with every step it was getting stronger, and, all of a sudden I saw a stinking garbage bag thrown on the park grass.

“Eid Garbage???” A shock surged through my body.

“Here, at PU?” My eyes moved around in disbelief.

“Isn’t it the housing colony of all educated families?”

Very next moment, a truck horn struck my ears but there was no truck in sight. How it could be there at that dark hour? It wasn’t possible. Then, I saw a car coming out of the park’s parking lot with a truck-like horn. All my senses came alive to feel what was happening around.

Sounds of jogging youngsters, walkers talking on their cell phones, whispering couples and running kids were the only stirs in the air. Suddenly, I was forced to turn back when heard the joggers dragging. It was like hitting my jaws. I saw my husband coming towards me to join in the walk and my steps sped up until I found solace into his hands.

“Today, I will take only one round”, I told my him, miserable by the environment.

Many flash backs just passed across my mind. Banging doors, shouts, noisy shopping bags, and habits of aimlessly fidgeting with the objects around have always been disturbing. But who cares in our society? Can we spread some awareness on it?




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