Pakistani Midlife Women: Simple Steps Towards HEALTH & BEAUTY

kausarbilal creativewriterI got up in the morning and saw myself in the bathroom mirror. “Oh, really? How tensed and rough my face is looking. Maybe because I could not get a good sleep last night.” I analyzed. “Or, perhaps, it is due to less water intake.” I wasn’t sure. But my day was ruined.

When I don’t look good, I begin my day with a heavy heart. Now, at midlife, another challenge has knocked at my door: how to look good, fresh and younger. I have experienced that looking good is not about dieting or best cosmetics, but about a healthy eating style. There is a lot of stuff online, but still there is a question mark. We don’t know what a Pakistani educated woman can do regarding this at midlife.

Beauty is byproduct of health, which sparkles through right lifestyle. Here,  right food can not only vitalize us but also support us in losing extra pounds from our body. Some simple steps can make wonders for us.

Health Food

Water And Milk

The first thing that matters a lot for our health is water intake. More or less 10-12 glasses of water a day is essential. In winter, glasses of hot water can help reduce weight quickly.

Second thing that is crucial for the life and strength of our bones is milk. The milk product, Yogurt, is another filling, energizing and beautifying food. Unfortunately, Pakistani women are, generally, very lazy in this regard.

Fruits And Vegetables

Similarly, they try to take care of everyone, from their parents to husband and kids, but won’t make any time to think about themselves. They have to develop some new food habits – besides adding a glass of milk daily and water, they must add fruits and raw and cooked vegetables to their diet.

Natural Foods

Addition of natural food as dates, dry fruit, non-packet cereals is another source of a healthy and trimmed body.

So, rather than relying on wheat and rice, if they replace some portions of bread, rice and pasta with the mentioned above ingredients they will cherish the rewards very soon. They feel themselves lighter and happier.

Herbal Tea, as Lemon Grass Tea, Lemon Green Tea or so is very effective when it comes to digestion and weight reduction. So, if it becomes a routine to take a cup of herbal tea after lunch and dinner, the difference will appear fast.

Proteins Without Fat

Conventionally, we have gotten accustomed to cherish proteins with very fattening carbohydrates, as Egg-paratha, Kebab-paratha, Naan-kebab, Karahi-Naan or so. Here, if we reduce the amount of parathas or substitute it with low fat carbohydrates as brown bread, etc., it will become healthier for us.

Or, we restrict ourselves in savoring the mentioned above traditional food only on the weekend, will also be a great move towards health and charm.

Healthy Eating Style

Food in Breaks and Smaller Portions

There are ladies who are foodies and just can’t resist food. They should not be disappointed. Rather, they need to learn how to handle the desire smartly. They should eat whatever they like, as long as it is not harmful for their health. However, they should first drink water and then take smaller portions of their favorite food. It will not only help them satisfy their taste and appetite, but also reduce their weight as well on their own terms. Eating in smaller portions and in breaks is very effective in keeping you happy and slim.

Contrarily, those who are forgetful in taking their meals properly due to their busy schedules also need to be attentive. They seriously need to think about themselves first. In fact, they are most important when they take care of their families and friends. They can do their jobs well as long as they are healthy. Once they start looking healthier and more attractive, they will earn extra appreciation and value from their families and society.

Eating Timings Are Crucial

Similarly, if they get conscious about their eating timings, they may improve their health and beauty. Eating before naps or bedtime is extremely risky.  Similarly, eating immediately before their physical work outs or walk routines or after daily prayers is also not advisable.

Above all, if they are successful in fixing their meal and snack timings, they will soon be blessed with more tip top and health.

Fighting Food Craving

Between meals, many times we crave for something to eat. The best way to fight it, is through self-suggestion. Make a rule in this regard; ask yourself again and again, Am I hungry? You likely to get a NO as an answer or NOT REALLY. So, tell yourself to eat when you are hungry. As a beginner, chewing gum can be a solution for a while.

Motivation For Healthy Eating

If they take Google as their guru, they should, off and on, read articles, blogs and watch videos on health food, body fat burning food, low caloric food recipes, etc. The activities will motivate them to take health diet.

Beautiful women on Media can also be a source of motivation.

Healthy dieting should be a topic to discuss with our family and friends. You may feel stimulated.

You may set targets for yourself to buy better outfits for you that are more suitable for slimmer figures. And, Visualize: How pretty you will look!

So, let’s try it out first…You and Me together.

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