Pakistani Midlife Women: Secret of Looking Young Again

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kausarbilal creative writerTurning 40: A New Beginning

We just don’t care much about what we eat and how many long hours we spend working till 40. We take care of everything and everyone, but ourselves. However, turning 40 is something alarming-perhaps, a turning point.

We are still young but afraid of getting old or looking old. Now, we start wondering if we take the right diet? Do I sit too much due to my work type? Am I putting on weight fast? Do I look old and worn out? And so on. These worries add to our lives, but in a way it’s something good in that it motivates us to take care of ourselves as well along with so many others.

Midlife: Health Food

Mostly, we begin with reviewing our diet. Some of us start searching on internet how to handle our 40s, or, what lifestyle should be adopted to live a happy, healthy and vitalized life.

Midlife: Physical Fitness

Apart from healthy eating, the second challenge we come across is physical fitness. It’s not only about being in shape, but being active enough to burn what we eat. It’s about maintaining and/or increasing the life of our bones through workouts. It’s about balancing our life between our mental and physical work. It’s about staying away from diseases more prone to aging.

Midlife: Select What You Love

No matter how active we are at our home or workplace, we need proper time to go for physical exercise. Following our personal inclination, we may opt for a gym class, Yoga, aerobics, swimming, sports or a walk. Here, it is very important to figure out what we really enjoy? What is within our monthly budgets? What is just nearby our homes? What goes best with our busy schedules? All these questions should be taken into account very seriously and honestly, so that we may stick to our workout routines. If one of these questions bothers us, we will never be persistent in our efforts for fitness.

Here, trying new things or switching over to new options may be something stimulating and satisfying for our taste for variety. For example, we may plan our week with different exercises as Walk on Monday, Aerobics on Tuesday, Yoga on Wednesday, Thursday for swimming, etc.

Contrarily, if we decide to stick to only one option according to our personality type, feasibility reasons or so on, even it is very appreciable and equally rewarding.

Midlife: Stay Updated

When choosing activities based on the questions mentioned above, it is advisable to get more info on that through our doctor, physical fitness instructor and/or internet. Important thing is to be UPDATED. It will not only introduce new info to us but also keep us motivated.

Midlife: Find a Fitness Companion

If a physical activity is something new to our daily schedules, it is not easy to be persistent with it. Some of us love to enjoy the activity alone, but some cannot. So, we will have to find a solution.

We may take our cell with us as a companion, where we may speak to our family and friends, listens to Quran, or, enjoy whatever we like to listen, do our Zikar/Tasbeeh, etc.

We may ask a friend, neighbor, sibling, relative, child, spouse to accompany us during that fixed hour. It will not only contribute to the physical health of the partners but also solve the issue of scarcity of time. Specially, with our close relatives as husbands/kids, we can make up for our absence due to our busy work schedules.

Rather than depending on one person only, it might be more beneficial if we plan our workout hours with different people.

Likewise, we may opt for going alone sometimes according to our moods, needs and/or situations.

Joining the paid membership of a gym, yoga group or sports club can also be motivating: one, because of our new friends there, and, second, because we don’t want our payments go waste.

Cherish the Rewards?

You will be glad to listen from the younger people around, “What is the secret of your getting younger with every passing day?”

Your physical activities help you become stronger mentally as well. You will find your mental calm and focus incresing. Depression, anxiety, blood pressure, sugar and bone issues will be minimised. And, eventually, you will be grateful for a happy and energetic life!

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