On 69th Independence Day of Pakistan: Are You A Blessed Pakistani?


Happy Independence Day!

Dear Pakistanis,

I know, no one is happy on this Independence Day because of the chaos spread everywhere in the country. We don’t feel it a safe place for us and our children. No political powers are interested in solving the problems of the country and its people who are victims of poverty, ill health, power failure, children abduction, unemployment, women issues and much more. Now, listening to national songs is an agony because they don’t match the ground realities. They sound like fake.

Those who are going through the deteriorating everyday life don’t know how to celebrate this day. They find no reason to be happy in a country that had made their lives miserable. Many of them want to quit through migrating abroad.

Those who are blessed despite any problems are happy and think of rejoicing the day.

It’s a gap that don’t let people be empathetic about each other.

It’s not that we should not be grateful for the freedom we have in the form of this country. It’s about how to get this homeland out of this havoc so that all Pakistanis can be happy and grateful on the independence day.

I believe, those who are blessed ones should take the responsibility. Immigration abroad is not a solution, neither all of us can leave. And, those who leave aren’t necessarily successful in building a great life.  Those who are successful there, have to face other problems. So, no place is free from issues. It doesn’t mean that we can justify our troubles. It just means, that we have no choice but to fight with our miseries on personal, professional and social levels.

I cannot say on the behalf of people, but we all have to think how can we contribute in making a better and brighter tomorrow. Before moving to big plans, we should first think of taking tiny steps that can make our days better and brighter for ourselves, our families, friends, acquaintances, strangers, clients or anyone. We should live on day-to-day and moment-to moment level. Have I done something to achieve my ideal fitness today? Have I organized my day better today? Have I taken out time to help out my family today? Have I served my clients better today? This individual effort will transform into a collective effort and transform us and people around us. For that purpose, we have to live all our moments consciously and carefully, thinking ‘am I doing my best at this moment?’

On collective level, I cannot say on the behalf of people, but we all have to think how can we contribute in solving the social, educational and economic issues of people around us. We cannot wait for the political powers of Pakistan to wake up and do anything. Rather, we have to protect and build this country through personal and community efforts. May be one day we a blessed to have a patriotic government as well.

If you have any suggestions regarding self-help and collective-help, you are most welcome to voice yourself in ‘Comments’ feature below.

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