Gift Card of the Year 2018

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Hi Everyone!

I start 2018 with you all. A new year is not just a change of calendar. It’s a gift card to buy our dreams and wishes. This year don’t wish, rather Do Something Different that can bring a difference in your life.

I aim for attaining my ideal weight. So, I have started my new walk and exercise schedules. I have wished for an active spiritual life and now trying out my new meditation and prayer routines. I try to organize better to be on time everywhere. Alongside, I work on my dream projects in blogging… For my new business aspirations, I have joined some online courses to upgrade my knowledge and skills. Likewise, I am thinking of hiring more help for my home chores┬áto get more time for myself and my work.

In general, my promise of 2018 is, Action! I didn’t spend time thinking about what exactly I wanted to do. I have already spent months and years longing for following my desires and dreams. So, at the beginning of this year, I jumped into ACTION!

I want to see a noticeable difference in my life by the end of 2018. I need your best wishes and prayers.

Wish you all the best for 2018, too.

Btw, what are your new year plans?

Please share them in comments to help and motivate others including me.

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Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.

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