How Do You Take 2016?

happy new year wishcards-2016Till last year, the most boring topic for me had been, New Year Resolution. I don’t think even 70% people commit to their resolution practically. But this year, 2016, is quite different. I don’t know why, but it seems like a turning point.

People like me, who depend on inner motivation to bring a positive change in their lives, find it real hard to live a mechanical life. Self-help books can’t do any good to us. However, we listen to our inner voices and believe our intuitions. I remember times when I appreciated the person I actually had been, discovered and enjoyed my strengths and talents, and nurtured my dreams and wishes. Contrarily, there had also been moments when I cursed my flaws, regretted my mistakes and mourn my hard luck.

However, this is a new year when a new person is emerging inside me. This time, I urge to fulfill my long awaited dreams. I want to utilize my time in a wiser way. I want to organize more to attend to more goals in the better ways. I am determined to shed some weight. I plan to take my blog to a next level. Thinking of making more time for travelling, socialization and fun. I think, a few goals are good enough to be focused on.

Looking back, I feel like a blessed and successful person. I have learnt that generally life is always on giving end. It always enriches us, no matter we go through good experiences or (God forbids) or bad ones. Everything ends up in developing us, making us more mature, wiser and confident. So, Thanks to God for every year he had blessed us with.

Starting 2016 with new plans! How do you take it?

Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. Nice blog. I think more should read it. U r professional

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind comment. 🙂

  4. Hey Kausar!

    I think setting up new year resolution is pretty ok as long as the goals are quantitative (not qualitative) and passion driven.

    I really hope you take your blog to next level. In case you need some help. Feel free to get connected.

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