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Just update your status and you are IN among your Facebook family and friends! Facebook acts like friendly and generous host, facilitating and accommodating everyone without being biased of class, education, views and gender. With a lively and casual mood, it lets you speak up your heart and mind anytime. It’s day or night, you don’t care.  You can share whatever you like; your albums, photos, quotes, personal statements and business ads. You can laugh with your friends and can access their shoulders when feel like crying. It’s a meeting point for lovers. They can share, reply, complain and stay in touch through text and their pics. Even they settle down their issues, sort out their disputes and reconcile whenever it is desired.

Through status updates, you can easily understand what is going on in lives of your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers, whether it is success, delight, pride, break up, love, loss, grief, anger, expectations or whatever. People share their hobbies, political views, travel and entertainment activities, achievements, photography, advertise for their skills, services, products or businesses, support various causes, make announcements for their coming ventures and much more.

It is a huge source of interaction, where anytime you can access like-minded people, make new friends or even find your business and/or life-partners. But sometimes, they bother you through their excessive messages and chat requests. Whenever you are seen online, you will start receiving such request, no matter how busy you are or you are working hard while having Facebook by your side.

Here, you need not to be prim and proper in writing, you can use sound-oriented abbreviated spellings, grammar rules don’t matter anymore, emoticons, Like and Share options communicate very effectively.  Medium of language is no problem, you can write English, Roman Urdu, Urdu, Arabic or whatever. So, it is very casual and user’s friendly.


When you move from Facebook to Twitter, you will find out that being on Twitter is more than just socialization because of its much more meaningful and more dynamic norms. It is a platform for serious and intellectual people, who are conscious about what they say and how they say. Restriction of 140 characters motivates them to be direct, precise and engaging. They language quality is far better, where people usually abide by language rules and correct spellings and follow the conversational style of communication. Here, you can access the top professionals you are interested in connecting with, no matter which area they belong to. Also, you can build a community of professionals similar to yours. Here, you can communicate and advertise for your business.

Actually, these days, those who are not on Twitter are considered as nowhere in the world. Every day, you get updated from various news agencies, Media Channels, business companies, educational institutions, Journals and Magazines, Celebrities, successful and struggling people that what is happening currently in their lives. What is new and innovative in their area? Along with that you have important links to access the texts and graphics relevant to the topics.

You come online in the morning, view your tweets once or twice, read the links you are interested in and done! You are completely aware on the latest developments happen in your areas of interests. Also, you can comment on any of your tweets or links to communicate your point of view or questions. Side by side, you can keep them updated about the personal and professional life of yours, too. And, this time, others communicate with you. So, regular and meaningful interaction on Twitter is now need of the hour which ends up building your personal profile and brand.

For your readership, you have to be very active; you should post every few hours to be noticed by your readership and satisfy their curiosity and hunger for you.

The presence of hash tags (#) helps you to be included in searches as well as searching information on desired topics. Thus, Twitter has become an easy and huge source of search and research.

  1. Very interesting post and I agree with you. Though my twitter activities aren’t much I advertise my blog through Facebook and G+ but I’ve heard many times that the twitter is the best place to hang around………Still no complains as I’m where I an today is because of Facebook and though it was addiction at the early stage, now I’m very much in control with my activities in social media.

    • Same here Sajini. :)))
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. The image says it all – LOL. Nice post.

  3. I got your point about Twitter and FB but what I see is people using social media for fun and connecting more than doing business there. may be some day we will have more use of these place where everyone hangs around.

  4. Hi, Kausar! i read your point of view, no doubt the post is delicately written. You have fairly mentioned the different usages, good and somehow bad, of social networks…..face book and twitter. I am not a regular on liner of FB or Twitter but i think i must go with your view point because these networks are the only source to meet, knowing about you people and telling about my activities to my friends and family, who are far or near. To me both media work as ‘Khutooty Ghalib’. I fully agree with you, dear. Very well written.

    • Thanks a lot Asma for your lovely comment and creative point of view.
      Glad to see you here. Much thanks!

      • my pleasure…..keep on writing such thought provoking articles.take care jaan.

  5. Yes Kausar Social Media is a helipad to make you fly to anywhere you want to go. But sometimes I wonder that updating status is no more an updating thing, it’s more like boasting of the belongings that people have. For example people comment that ”My Mercedese is out of order today. So I am unable to go to shopping.:( ” The inherent purpose of this comment looks like a show off rather than keeping in touch with the friends and circles. What do you say?

    • Yes, you are right to an extent. But on the other hand allow us to share our joys with our loved ones as well.
      Anyway, your point of view is valid. Thanks for your contribution.

  6. Good post Kausar. I totally agree with you. But I am still weak on Twitter kiun k Ustad G nay theek say mujhay Twitter parhaya e nhi, LOLZ

    • So, better to take more lessons from Ustad G. Jab tak seekhain gey nahin, tab tak unhain chrain gey nahin…:)

  7. I m veri much agree with ur views abut social media. it has been a revolutionary plat form for many nations. but v cant deny its falls that go side by side. we can easily use it for ani propoganda, no authenticity is demanded. v cant identify wat is fake nd wat is real. we r more confused nw.

    • Yeah, you are right. Actually, it depends on who is using the social media and for what purpose.
      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post.

  8. very nice

  9. Informative post – if one has time, yes social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have their place. Normally one turns to Facebook as it is more elaborate in contents and eye catching. As for Twitter, one has to have a 100 metres sprint with the fast moving updates – it is somewhat difficult out there to catch with the content you are interested in. Both have pros and cons and seemingly essential to take care of your spare time.

  10. Thanks a lot for your insightful comment. Much appreciated.

  11. Nicely written with highlighting almost all aspects very well.
    Except for the ills that this social media carries I think it is a good pass time for all those who have that in spare. I don’t know exactly as I do not have any data but as far as I know the youngsters & especially the students use it mostly and they are updating their status also whereas they are informing the same people (except few) with whom they spent most of their day.
    Kya ye khula Tazaad nahi hai

  12. I believe that teaching is a profession where we have taken this responsibility,to guide our students morally and ethically .

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