My Blogging Journey…

A couple of years ago, I set up my creative writing blog to save a few pieces of my writing, unaware of its place in my life. Off and on, most of the time, being the only viewer of my site, I used to have a few glimpses of it when I had to add something new to my blog…One day, right after completing my thesis of my MSc program, I was passing through the corridor of the 2nd floor of my university building and came across the elevator. I pressed the button to bring it up from the ground floor, when suddenly, a thought flashed through my mind to see the office door of the Director of English Department just opposite to where I was standing. I postponed the idea of going down, rather I knocked at the door.

“Please, come in!” I heard and entered the room…

“Sorry sir, for coming without any appointment, but I need to talk to you.” I said in a breath.

“Ok, please have your seat…” The director was attentive and curious.

“Sir, I write and I heard that you are the best person to guide and help me with it…So, I wish if you see my writings and teach me how to improve them…”
“Hmm…” He had a glance of something he was writing on computer and went into a thought.
“Do you have any writing sample of yours with you?” He inquired.”
“Yes, I have a blog…” And, I told him my URL. He opened it and had a look…
“So, it seems like non-fiction, a kind of expression of your thoughts…”
“Yeah, you can say it.” I replied and then there was a pause for a minute.
“Last year I came for internship, but then I withdrew for some personal reasons…Now, I am more interested in writing…” I just filled the pause.
“Ok,” he immediately came to the conclusion.
“I will help you with your writing provided you come to have an internship with us as a writing teacher; you will teach the students how to blog and help them with their writings based on your writing experience, so that whatever I teach you, it can be transferred to my students.”
“Oh Great! What else I wanted…” I thought and sealed the deal on the spot…
“Sure, Sir…”
Right after it, I set up a blog for the students of my department and started my job. After a semester the internship ended. And, in the end I needed to view some good students’ blogs for a presentation of mine and during my search I came across the best blogger of Pakistan, Mr. S A J Sherazi…and we added each other on facebook…

A year went quietly without any conversation…then one day he messaged me,
 “Do you think your blog is getting enough response on social media?”
I replied, “No, please see my blog and advise me on it…”
He viewed and commented, “I felt that you have a lot to say to the world. So you must blog…”
“Do I really have something to say?” I asked myself and discovered that I was dying while being quiet…I was desperate to express myself…In fact, it was a dream to write for the topics of my choice…in my own way…and being myself…
Now, I couldn’t wait…but terrified to take initiative…
“Oh, how will I produce a new article every other day…” I was apprehensive about it.
But Sherazi sb stayed in the picture, encouraging and motivating, until I really dared it…
After 2 weeks, I was in love with my blog. I felt like it was my possession…my forum of discussion and interaction with the world…people started commenting and I got to know about their views. I got the opportunity to review my opinions and used my critical thinking…Here, I needed not to pretend, or write just to please the folks. I could be honest… In the process, I found some new friends…and came to know about the work of some other bloggers which was a huge source of joy, excitement and motivation…I didn’t need to run here and there and bound myself with strict schedules, rather I enjoyed the comfort of my home and my flexible hours…I felt I was happier than ever to voice myself…Though sometimes, I felt myself restricted to express my true views due to my dear ones, but then I have other blog forums for them…
Now, it’s beginning of a new dream…How to earn through it? Certainly, I have some business plans…
  1. Thanks for the mention here Kausar Bilal.

    I still maintain that blogging is a tool only; to reach out to the world and tell what you want to. What matters now is your loud and clear voice. You have the voice, goals and plans. You have so much to say that may be helpful for so many others.
    How you take advantage of blogging and how far you make your voice heard is what matters now.

    BTW, I will follow this blog closely. My best wishes and very happy blogging to you!

    • Thanks a lot for everything you did for my blog all the way through my blogging journey!!! In fact, you gave me an opportunity to voice myself and to be heard by the world…And, I couldn’t make it without you. God bless you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I also agree with you that Javed Shirazi is the best blogger and as you he also have guided me to reach the greatest position in blogging. Though i’m still in my baby steps in blogging i’m very well guided by his expertise and i’m very thankful to him….happy blogging Kausar 🙂

  3. Thank you very much Sajini for sharing your similar experience, which is absolutely a pleasure…Happy blogging to you, too.

  4. You know Kausar the bast part of this writing is finding yourself and finding your voice.(I still have work on it)
    Shabana Zafar

  5. Very well said Shabana. Thanks for your comment.

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