kausarbilal creative writerAs a teenager I never knew how much health and beauty was important as it was treasured inside me. But I don’t want to lose it now at midlife. I have experienced that beauty is not all about health food, regular work outs, skin care and right cosmetics. In fact, it is about taking good care of our inner self-the SPIRITUAL ONE. There are some ways to nurture our spirituality.

Prayer & Meditation

The richest source of spiritual strength comes from connecting with God. Prayer and meditation are best channels to come into contact with Him. Once you start doing it, you will achieve calm, peace of mind, inner strength and light by default. Light-DIVINE GUIDANCE- for everyday matters. DIVINE HELP. TRUE LOVE. BEST FRIEND. When you speak to your CREATER regularly, you will be rich with all that.

Positive Thinking

Always have faith in God, no matter what you are going through. Appreciate the positive aspects of even sad episodes of life. Learn from your mistakes and failures to act wisely in future. Be grateful for what you cherish. Admire the goodness in people around you and ignore their negatives. Respond to their coldness with friendliness, their rivalry with helping hand, their unpleasant behaviors with kindness and generosity. Forgive. You will feel a special kind of peace, delight, sense of achievement and strength. Get busy with so many constructive activities rather than reacting to the evil minds.

Plan for what is possible but never give up on your dreams. Thus, enrich your peace and spiritual power.

Purposeful Life

Ensure a purposeful life. Don’t limit yourself only to your family or profession. Live a balanced and well-connected life. Pursue your hobbies and interests. Don’t forget entertainment. Serve your family, friends, society and humanity through your profession and social work.

Stay away from negative minds and meaningless lives.

Dream and set goals to achieve them. Believe in lifelong education. Never stop self-education through online and offline resources. Always grab new opportunities to learn, explore and serve.  Organize to cherish all that.


Leave things to God beyond your control and understanding. Don’t over think and worry too much. Focus only on what is possible.

Stay away from people who hurt, mislead, or bother you, who distract and waste your time, and who lower your spirits.

Remove the stuff that bother or distract you while you are at work.  Put the activities and worries on hold that don’t need your immediate attention. Say, “Hold on, I will attend you later.”

De-cluttering will save you from unnecessary stress and help you stay focused, active and in peace.

Soul Mate Companionships

Surround yourself with like-minded people. You may find them in your family, friends and professional circle. Enjoy being yourself with them. Get vitalized by sharing your ideas and dreams together. Collaborate. It will keep you stimulated and happy. Happiness has a direct relationship with health and beauty.

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