Axis-Free Earth

kausar bilal creative writer






With his steely eyes, colder than the winter night

He left the room, absorbed in his laptop

Without any promises to be back

Before the sun


She, lying on the creasy bed

Tucked in her fur blanket

Opened and closed her eyes

 Attentive to the clock


“Hi” a familiar sound wave at the main gate

Struck her ears, quivering

Postponing her reply, she rushed to the car

“Hurry up kids, you are getting late from school.”


“Honey, Let’s talk at tea in the evening”

He left for his full-time home, Office.

15 minutes at tea time or it was wind?

Bills, home repairs, and kids


Glad to mother little monsters,

Who every other day,

Ecstatic over their school grades,

Returned home crowned with trophies


They grew taller than she was

“Can I go back to school?

Or, look for a job? ” She thought aloud

“It’s up to you, baby”, smiled the partner


“What a perfect life!

Everything is up to me…

Days and Nights dance on my fingers

Over the axis-free earth.”








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