Try anything but a Psychiatrist

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kausarbilalI entered home after a full day at my job and found him lying on the bed under a sheet covering him from head to toe.

“Aerie!” I called his name, but there was no reply except a silence. I bent down and slowly removed the sheet from his face. There were lines of tears touching his side bums.

“Aerie!” I called again. Suddenly, he got up and moved towards me.

“Mummy, I am feeling too much scared. Please get me out of the fear and I will deal with the rest.”

He was unable to accept his first unexpected failure in his studies at O-levels. It was really hard to see my brilliant son losing his heart this way.

I sat beside him and surround his shoulder with my arm. He was shivering and sweating with palpitation. I pushed his head to my shoulder gently.

“Don’t worry, just give yourself some time. Everything will be fine. We will help you with your exam preparation for the next attempt. This time you will come out with flying colours as always. When there are other chances to take the exams as well, then why to worry.”

He felt better for a while.

 “Oh My God! It has been two weeks now, every day I find him once in the state despite all the counseling and possible help. What to do now?” I wanted to think out of the box.

 “Just distract him. Take him out station for a change.”

“He has got a bad-eye or some jealous relative have thrown black magic on him. Recite Quranic verses.”

“Tell him to be a man. He must be able to analyze the matter rationally and face the situation bravely.”

“He is just freaking out and blackmailing you. Be firm with him.”

 “Do anything, but never take him to any Psychiatrist. They will put him on medicines.”

Flash backs of advice of family and friends made me confused. I had tried all the solutions, but there was no difference. He was deteriorating every day. Finally, I opened my laptop and started to search phone numbers of a known Psychiatrist.

A few counseling sessions with him and a tiny harmless dose of medicine helped him calm down, analyze his failure and we sat down for exam preparation.

I was still surprised at the advice, “Do anything, but never take him to any psychologist. They will put him on medicines.”

All the advisers were educated and belonged to educated and enlightened families. Still they didn’t know that Psychology was a full-fledged discipline of modern knowledge to help us. And, many times in life we needed professional help and guidance to sort out our issues.

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Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.

3 thoughts on “Try anything but a Psychiatrist

    • Yes, indeed, as mental health is totally different from physical health. We must get professional help and expertise as and when needed. Problem is that people in our society do not accept mental illnesses while they do accept physical with open heart, provide all the essential medication to such patients but totally ignore mental patients in our homes and keep themselves in agony and pain, while psychological help is always close and very helpful for such patients and can improve their condition within few days.

    • Thank you, Ayesha, for your insightful contribution.

    • A good post and I also have many times the older generation saying this. Moat people think that taking a person who is mentally disturbed to a psychologist mean that person is mentally sick or mad. I’m totally against this as due to the modern society most aging from young to old are mentally disturbed which doesn’t mean they are mad but need help or a experienced hand to listen to them and help them out of their burdens.
      Taking any one who is mentally disturbed to a psychologist is the most best solution in hand and I think rather dealing with the opinions with people around you the best is to take the most appropriate medical help available.

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