LISCA: School for Normal Kids With Learning Disabilities

A mother told me, “I remember when first my only son went to his kindergarten, and after a couple of days his teacher called me and asked whether my son was hard of hearing. I forcefully said No and got shocked how did she dare to blurt out such a question? But after 2 years, once my six year old son didn’t reply to my question that I whispered in his ear in a noisy place, and said innocently, I can’t hear from my left ear. It was like the whole world falling apart for me. I immediately rushed to the ENT specialist and got all the detailed examination and ended up with the diagnosis he had low hearing in his left ear with no cure prospects. However, one thing was encouraging that he could manage it through a tiny hearing aid fixed inside his ears.”

The case of learning disabilities is even more complicated and sensitive. When a child has behaviour disorders like being extra hyper, destructive, sad, mute or so, parents don’t accept that there can be a learning or behavioural problem with their child that needs psychological counselling or treatment or both. Similar is the case with learning disabilities, like very short attention span, low retention, living in an imaginary world and unable to concentrate on the living world around them, unable to write correctly, unable to calculate, unable to learn spellings, slow learning pace, performing well at home but poor at school or so on. These kids are many times perform normally out-of-the-classroom life and parents think that with best possible schooling, their personal hard work with them and with time they will be all right.

“If they are told about the learning disability, they get shocked, annoyed and go into denial, rather than accepting the facts. But if they accept it, they look for treatment that can cure their child right in their early years,” said Zamzam, a Teacher for Learning Disabilities, at Lahore Institute for Special Care and Attention (LISCA).

LISCA is a three years old school treating and teaching children with learning disabilities, sometimes they are normal and sometimes they are physically or mentally handicapped. There are two session, morning and evening. The morning session caters the children and teenagers with severe mental illness or retardation, whereas evening session handles mild issues.

LISCA teaches Children and Adolescents with:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ADHD

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder/ODD

  • Learning Disability

  • Dyslexia

  • Mental Retardation

  • Autism

  • Schizophrenia

  • Selective Mutism

  • Speech/Language Disorders

  • Schizophrenia

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Specific/Social Phobias

“Each problem needs a different teaching methodology to be adopted. We have internationally standardized Tools and Teaching Resource. And, we teach according to the personal likes of the kids so that they find teaching fun. For individual attention, there is one specialized teacher for 1-3 kids. When a group exceeds 3 students, we hire a new trained teacher. We love our success stories,” Zamzam spoke with sense of achievement.

 “We have a panel of expert doctors for children with neurological problems whereas for emotional and behavioural issues LISCA has arranged competent clinical psychologists. To encourage children with learning difficulties we have highly qualified educationists,” added Nuzhat, a teacher at LISCA.

“It takes six months to 2 years’ time, depending upon the severity of the case. For mild issues, kids are cured completely. But for kids with severe problems, we enable them to be able to manage themselves at normal schools and go through their schooling smoothly and successfully,” told Zamzam.

“Many times, learning disabilities are mild and they don’t need special teaching methodology. Rather, they can be handled through weekly counselling sessions. However, parents can’t decide about it. Once they feel there is a problem with the child, they should bring him/her to us. First we assess them and then advise them what the best solution is for their kid,” said Mehreen, the coordinator program at LISCA.

“Naturally, it is very shocking and hurting to know about the learning disabilities of your child at any stage. And, we came across a couple recently who sought counselling for themselves first about how to take the news and how to behave with their child with learning disabilities. Such parents are educated and well-aware. Only such kind of parents can be of consistent help and support to their kids. It makes a huge difference in the pace of recovery of their children,” Mehreen added.

Lahore Institute for Special Care and Attention (LISCA).


14 G-4, Johar Town, Lahore.

Phone:    03219441951, 0423-572-0730

Landline:  0423-848-9679


8:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4pm to 7pm (Monday to Friday)

Special Services at LISCA

  • Diagnostic Assessment

  • Speech Therapy

  • Play Therapy

  • Family Therapy

Scheduling an Appointment and Evaluation Procedures:

Dr. Shamaila went into more details:

“Parents, guardians, school officials, mental health providers, paediatricians and other service providers may refer children and adolescents to LISCA for testing. To request an appointment for an evaluation through LISCA, please call 03219441951 and ask for the testing coordinator. Testing takes place in evening from 4pm to 6pm and 3 visits are paid. Assessment includes IQ test-verbal and nonverbal which includes learning disabilities test and personality test. Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake packet is sent to the family, which includes two about the child/adolescent’s developmental, medical, social and academic history. Once the forms are completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the clinic, the panel will review that information. We review the information, in addition to any additional reports of previous evaluations and school information in order to help us decide the most appropriate types of assessments that will be conducted.”

Overview of Evaluation Procedures:

“Parent completes intake packet Assignment to an evaluator for a comprehensive assessment. Assessment visits are planned (approximately 3 – 10 hours). Evaluations take approximately 2 weeks to complete. Individualized feedback session is conducted with the parent in order to review the results of the evaluation and the proposed recommendations. Final written report is sent to the parent. School psychologist attends school meetings, when requested.”

A comprehensive evaluation can address

  • Problems in cognitive developme
  • Problems related to developmental delay
  •  Problems in academic achievement and learning
  • Problems in neuropsychological functioning
  • Problems with behavioral adjustment or emotional functioning
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    • Aoa , mam I am Khurram shahzad from Karachi . My younger brother is having learning disability i think that include: dyslexia , gisgraphia and discalculia. We are already too late because of not finding any such institution in Pakistan. My younger brother age is 17 and he is unable to understand reading,writing and maths. He is physically and mentally very active child MASHALLAH , he is not at all having any other type of disorder physical and mental both. My family is in great tension regarding him , Can you kindly help us out in this matter.

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  3. I applaud your efforts Ms. Kausar. Mental health, and mental health in children especially is a tender topic. People, parents specifically, need to understand and admit if their little one needs special attention. The sooner the child seeks treatment, the sooner he/she may be rid of the probelm. – InshaAllah.

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