Journal Writing Is Fun, Healing & Directing But We Have Never Tried It…

Writing is Fun, Healing & Directing

I remember when my mentor first surprised me by saying, “Ok Kausar, now whatever you have told me, write it down and suggest the solution to your problem, too.” I did it and got two experiences. I identified my confusions, scattered ideas and bothering emotions. I got clarity of mind because on each and every point I had to ask myself questions like “What exactly happened at a certain point? What exactly I felt at that moment? What exactly I wanted or expected at that particular time? “ When I wrote it all, I felt lighthearted for good. It was a moment of self-discovery and direction.

I shared this experience with a blogger friend. She told me the gloomy story of her life. Her lows. She had a lot of baggage and did not know how to get rid of it. She urged to do so to get her freedom from the past and to start her life all over again. She considered different options including consulting her parents, friends, counselors and her mentors. Unfortunately, the results of all the efforts did not last much. She had to face the frequent phases of depression.

This friend of mine was a born writer. One day, she set up a blog as an Online Writing Journal to pursue her happiness in her writing hobby. She started sharing her thoughts and experiences there, unknowingly what rewards she had signed up for. She was prized by the same experiences that I had had while following my mentor’s advice.

On a meetup, she told me “Whatever I shared on my blog, never bothered me again. It was a catharsis-forever. I felt healed and stronger. I got the freedom from my past that I was longing for such long.”

During her blogging journey, she came across the same questions that I faced. It provided her with the clarity of mind. It told her about who she had been as a person. What exactly she wanted from her life? What was her direction in life? She reviewed her goals, relationships and work until finally, she re-designed a life that was meaningful to her and where she could find her happiness, dreams, and fulfillment.  

Alongside, her journal writing gave her the courage to go through the pain of making alterations & decluttering. She, willingly, paid the price of embracing new goals, habits, lifestyle, and relations.

Later, I met some other people. Some of them told me that whenever they came across decision making, they journal down the background, importance and pros & cons of that particular matter or thing. It provided them with the clarity of mind and satisfaction of making the right choices.

Finally, I realized that journal 300-209 writing was a modern form of storytelling. Storytelling is not something that is ‘exclusively for young school children’ but it benefits people of any age. Unfortunately, we have no awareness on that, so we don’t have developed a culture of journal writing or we did not pay attention to teach and learn writing skills, so we could not build a culture where people can use writing skills for their personal 70-698 peace of mind, happiness, direction, self-actualization, and growth.

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