Middle Aged Housewives and Writing as Careers

I come across a lot of ladies who are sick of sitting idle after sending their grown-up kids to high school or college. They hate to spending time on phone gossiping and family politics. Rather, they wish to accomplish something for their own fulfillment now.

Before, they had been living for the happiness and success of their husbands, kids, and other family members. Now, when children are grown up and husbands are established in their careers, these housewives review their lives and face mixed feelings. Despite their success as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law, and housewife, they lack a sense of achievement. They urged to build a career utilizing their personal talents, skills and qualifications.

At this point, the best thing is they are aware of their natural aptitudes, skills, and talents because of their life experience. They can decide on their careers with a little career counseling and support.

However, practically, when they want to take their first step towards their professional life, they face their lack of professional education and experience that can help them enter into a career market. Their midlife years are another hindrance when most of the jobs are offered to youngsters. So, they question: where to start from?

If these ladies are given specialized training in their selected areas, they can be a valuable part of the job market.This transition will give their lives a new meaning, identity, sense of achievement, and much more.

Most of these ladies prefer home-based jobs or businesses. In other words, freelancing suits them a lot. This way, they not only feel connected to their home and family but also they don’t have to compete with youngsters.

Here, I offer Digital Writing Training to the women who have good command over English Language and can compose sentences using tense and grammar correctly, My Writing Workshops will enable them to work as Digital Marketers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, Business Planners, Ebook Authors, Digital Journalists, Advertisers and more. So, if you are one of these ambitious and courageous women and want to polish your professional writing skills, Please join together to contact me. I will teach you the art and craft of web writing.

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