Pakistan Independence Day May Not Bring Great News This Time

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2lllh6gHappy Independence Day to all Pakistanis!

This time, 14 th August came in with the ambitions of building a New Pakistan through Azadi March and Inqilab March. Though Imran and Qadri are two different schools of thought but they have a common ground; both want to topple out the corrupt political and economic system of the country. Despite their differences, Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri finally came up to support each other on common grounds regarding Independence Day marches.

 As far as these demands are concerned, they are very fair, but people are apprehensive about the events of the day. We fear bloodshed and clash between these movements and the government resistance.

I have always been wondering how a strong and wise government should react to these events. Then, the Pakistani judiciary cleared my mind by advising the government to resolve the issue through negotiation with the concerned political powers. Though the advice is very valid, but it might be too late now for the government and the agitation organizers both. Unfortunately, government is being taken as an unreliable party and PTI and PAT are prepared to pay every price to achieve their causes. So, no one can predict the twists and turns of the political drama with surety.

It’s not only 14th August, but we foresee political unrest even afterwards unless and until government and these opposition leaders sit together to sort out the political issues wisely and genuinely.

Apart from the events and tension, there is a big question: Finally, how will reforms take place in the Pakistani system? Which political leader will take the initiative? Isn’t it a high time to see a positive change? I think, when ruling parties become deaf to these voices for a long time, people try to take the charge of the matters in their own hands, as the pissed off public did by supporting PTI and PAT.

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