Imran-Reham Episode Has Been A Turning Point In Our Political Awareness


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Imran Demonstrated Courage to Leave the Relationship that Hinders His Life Mission!

“Oh…Imran Khan has finally got married,” raised mixed voices of excitement, happiness, envy, jealousy and insecurity.

“It is good that he has started his family life once again.” We will vote PTI.

“Imran Khan shouldn’t have changed his bachelor’s status.” We are too disappointed to vote PTI.

I got shocked to hear it all. Aren’t people aware on why they decide to be supportive of IK. Was it his social status, private matters or ambition to build a New Pakistan?

If it was joining hands with him to build a New Pakistan, then it is irrelevant whether he is single or married. He has devoted his life to rebuild his nation. So, if we have the same aspirations, we must stand with him. His personal life has nothing to do with it.

I believe, going through this experience, we as a nation realized that personal and professional lives are two different things and they cannot be mixed up with each other.

Similarly, we have to be clear on preferring PTI to other political parties. We stood beside IK because we believe that he is the only one who aimed towards forming a corruption-free government. Unlike other political groups, he is genuinely interested in bringing reforms in the country to make Pakistani individuals prosperous. With him, we see the long awaited economic, educational, health-related, and social issues being resolved. That’s what we actually dream and desire. Thus, what is the point in distracting by the Imran Khan’s personal life incidents that is separate from his political causes?

Regardless of the reasons behind Imran Khan’s marriage and divorce, we respect all his relations that support and strengthen him in achieving his goals. If any relationship distracts him from his cause, it has to be ended.

And, when IK demonstrates that courage, we should appreciate him and strengthen him by our never ending support rather than hurting him more through our baseless criticism and expressing our disappointment in him.





  1. Although getting married again was Imran Khan’s personal decision but as a PTI devoted worker, I hadn’t liked the idea of getting married to Reham Khan at a time when, the whole nation was mourning the martyrs of Peshawar tragedy. This really disappointed PTI supporters and circles while the opponents bombarded Imran Khan with criticism which in return, seriously tarnished and demised Imran Khan’s image for a while. Similarly, later as several of secrets revealed to the public were quite disheartening as she again didn’t happen to be ‘a right delight’ for Imran Khan’s political climax.
    Anyway, wé still love Imran Khan and we will.

  2. You are right Sajjad!
    I agree with you in still loving Imran Khan because we are not in a personal relationship with him. Rather, we have a relationship of a common cause, that is, building a New Pakistan. And, for that purpose, we find him sincere, passionate, focused and uncorrupt.
    So, regardless of IK’s choices in his personal life, we love and support him as the only hope of this country.
    Thank you so much for voicing yourself here.

  3. I didn’t understand why our people discussing Imran Khan’s or Reham Khan’s life? We don’t have any other work? Why are good to create negative image to our the people around us but never do anything good for our people of Pakistan.

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