How Can A Middle-Aged Woman Build Her Career First Time In Pakistan

images (9)At your midlife, if you are coming right from your home without any work experience and relevant education, it is real hard to get a job in Pakistan. These days, employers want to give jobs and on-hand training to youngsters, who are comparatively quick learners and fast performers, who can work for longer terms, and, who don’t mind to work for lesser salaries. In the scenario, if a middle-aged woman wants to pursue a job out of her ambition or life crisis, she should not take it so easy. She has to take some smart steps first.

As a beginner, she should evaluate some factors to take her initial steps in the right direction.

images (10)Who Am I?

A midlife lady should ponder over what is she good at? What does she love to do? Does she love young kids enough to open up a daycare center? Is she a terrific cook and wants to supply fresh, hygienic and homemade food to social events, departmental stores, bakeries, banks, offices and /or event management companies? Is she a computer savvy and can conduct online computer classes for housewives, professional ladies and kids? Is she a yoga expert and want to spend some time lecturing on yoga and holding yoga sessions? Does she want to open an online business for her unique products or services? Or so on.

How Can I Develop My Expertise?

Once she decides upon her dream career, she should find ways to train herself according to modern market requirements. She should look for places from where she can acquire latest skills. For instance, for a baking business, she may go for a baking certification. If she is up to run an online business, she should go online and get a couple of free online course in digital marketing. If she knows someone already in internet selling, she should go and learn about the technicalities of the business. If she wants to open up a daycare center, she should visit some top class daycare centers. Alongside, she can educate herself using Google and Youtube to get a better know-how of her future business.

Similarly, if she wants to pursue a profession as a lawyer, Psychologist, Journalist, or so, she should upgrade her professional education. Once she goes through modern educational degrees or training courses, she will be equipped with contemporary concepts and skills. Now, with her new educational status, she is respected as a job candidate anywhere, no matter how youngster-oriented the workplace environment is.

How Many Resources Can I Gather?

Simultaneously, she should figure out how many finances she has or can arrange to get trained or educated. How many resources she needs to set up her business initially? And, so on.

Success Is After You!

Once she has gone through all three stages strategically, no one can stop her from being successful as a worker or an entrepreneur. However, without right training and modern skill sets, none should dream to have a career one day.

References Can Save You, Too

Sometimes, women don’t have resources or opportunities to access contemporary education or skill development, they should look for great references to be inducted somewhere as internees or workers, where they can get paid for their on-job experiences.

  1. Salaam….. I think women basic responsibility is to born grow n educate their childs .and this a very importent n vital role of women in any healthy society.4or5 children(average) are responsibilty of a women and these are asset of a nation .so go outside for financial resourses is not women duty.govt should arange jobs for all male members of our society and then women get resourses from them .male members are responsible to arrange resources.women are preferably for development of new generation .so educate females for the future of your nation for offices…..

  2. Your view is right theoretically, but practically, the issue has many dimensions. For example, all the ladies are not married, many of them come across divorces or the deaths of their husbands, some want to spend their remaining healthy and still young years in a more constructive way when they are free from the responsibilities of their kids and, some are ambitious for career but they had been waiting for their kids to grow up.
    Furthermore, some husbands need their wives to be their helping hands to share the financial burdens of their families. Some husbands face health and money crisis and need their wives’ support to feed and educate their children. Unfortunately, there are husbands who earn enough but are miser in spending on their families, so wives want to be financially independent to meet their needs and the needs of their husbands. Hope now you understand that it is a burning issue.

  3. I endorse Sister Kausar’s Point of view. My own sister who is widow unfortunately and do not have any kids, she wanted to do something on her own although we all brothers tried to help her out in every manner but when she decided to work for herself we all are supporting her in this new adventure as well. I taught her what is blogging and how she can start a niche marketing blog in which she can promote a product and earn commissions. Now she is operating 3 Niche Blogs and sold already plenty of them after establishing and have a very good income from 3 sources, Amazon, Google Adsens and Selling those blogs. So my point of view is we must teach our women some sort of skills which can earn them some money as well during harboring our child’s to make them believe on them as well instead of just begging from men’s.

    • can u explain me about blogging? how can i start this work?

  4. Thank you so much Zeb for contributing to the post. You are very right that we should empower our ladies through financial indepencence. It supports them all the way through life.
    I appreciate your support for your widow sister. She is really fortunate to have such open minded and supportive brothers. Wish her best of luck in life! 🙂

    • I like this website and your thoughts too much , I was a school teacher my subjects are Maths and Computers. Now i have some health issues and cant do school job . So called it is a half day job but in real it is very tiring and hectic work . most of the schools are paying very less salary for greater work , teachers are busy in their school tasks at home too and cant properly give time to their homes and children , even saturdays are also on for teachers. i can say that teaching job is full of tension.. due to these issues i am in search of some tuitions or home based job or business since last 2 years, but unfortunately i am unsuccessful . i have passion to do something and i want to do for my family . .

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  6. HI,
    I am confused and don’t know what to do with my life

  7. After reading this article, I must say it’s written quite well Plus i’m reading this kind of article for the first time in Pakistan, which actually addressed the issue of middle-aged women, As our society evolving towards betterment there are lots of issues along the way and this is one of them, And i personally think that we need to voice such issues, as life is uncertain and everyone got to make a living, especially those women who got widowed or divorced, And I believe everyone is a genius in his or her way, age is never an issues, and those who think that women are only born to give birth and be a good house-maker, their thinking is just within the box, They should study the life of Hazrat Khadija (R.A), how she become successful businesswoman of her time.

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