Generation Gap:Technological Gadgets Are Scary

images technology“Rami!” I shouted out frustrated.

“Look, my cursor is again stuck…”  I handed over my laptop to my 12 year daughter to fix it up. “Here you go…,” she smiled kindly.

“How will you drop me to the Expo Centre? It is absolutely a new area to me, I can’t tell you about the route.” I blurted out anxiously.

“Don’t worry Mama, just a min.” And, both the brothers bent together on the GPRS.

“Ok, got it. Let’s go Mama,” said my 18 year old child, having GPS on his cell.

“Mama, I have installed Windows 8 on your computer and whatever you need is on your desktop. Let me know if you want any other App there,” informed my younger son delightfully.

“Would you like me to add the App of e-brary on your Cell?” He offered generously.I envy my own teenage children, for being smart enough to settle down in the shoes of new technology very quickly and comfortably. Whether it’s a latest model laptop, iphone, smartphone, Xbox, Android system or whatever, they learn it so fast and so enthusiastically as it was already transcript somewhere in their minds. Every time they love to facilitate themselves by using new gadgets, Wifi, GPS, Reminder, Social Networking, or whatever is new in their world. But for us new technology is scary as we find it hard to learn new systems every day; we want to run our lives smoothly in the ways familiar to us. So, many times new gadgets not only disturb us but become a hindrance when we have to deal with them any case. In that, the assistance of our youngsters is a huge support, but it makes us their dependent.

As a come-back-to-school and newly working mom, I went through a transformation where my kids help me on each and every step from learning computer typing to using Microsoft Office, social networks, browsing, online communication and Window operating systems. Similarly, I resisted my transition from manual phones to smartphones which I could never make without them.

Finally, the journey taught me one thing that there is no looking back now. And, the best way to deal with the demon is to take full advantage of the new technology. The more we use them, the friendlier they become to us.

Working on a latest gadget with a teenage is an amazing moment that generates the most thrilling communication for both the youth and age. And, there is a sense of achievement and mutual cooperation for either party. Once we made life easier for them to teach them whatever technology we had and now it is their turn to return. 🙂

  1. True. Good thing is that the gap is closing fast.

  2. Certainly, this technology has brought the whole world on our finger tip now, instead of running away from it we need to develop friendship with it. The important aspect is the way we use it depends on us entirely, therefore our direction should be honest, true and basic purpose should be learning.

  3. ohhh myyyyy…..this is so true. And reading this made me think how much i need to learn 🙂
    Thank you for this post

  4. Very true the new era and inventions are sporting to close these gaps and helping to solve our problems in easiest way .

  5. Yes this is what happens to most of us past 50. I started using computer in late 80s on XT machines that did not have hard drives and purchased my first machine in 1993 – a 386DX. And I could handle it well. But then the race of updations became supersonic. Now all my ‘fixings’ are done by my son, who learnt computer just by watching me.
    Time changes…

    • Enjoyed your interesting comment. Actually, it is happening in every home having teenagers. And, we are lucky enough to enjoy the combination of youth and age! Thank you so much for your contribution.

  6. Yes… its so true. Luckily I was an enthusiast and ready to learn all new technology since I was a child. So I learnt alot. I don’t feel so distant from my kids but yes have experienced this as a child of my parents. I always knew more and was ready to help them.

    What I’ve learned one must enjoy and lead a life full of “free will” but when you see your kids are growing, start growing with them. Let them participate in your life and let yourself participate in their. The only way to shrink the gap is to learn and let learn.

    • Yes, this is the way we can cherish each and every facet of life. Learning keeps us lively.
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta tell thank you for the post on this amazing one

  8. Gorgeous!

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