Freelance Writing is an Emerging Market in Pakistan

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If you are a born writer, nothing can come into your way. These days, unlike past, it is claimed that a writer can earn a full-fledged living through his writing skills provided they are really up to the mark. Freelance writing is a new concept in Pakistan but it is a promising field.

Gone are the days when one used to feel ashamed for not been able to be a fiction writer in Pakistan. Non-fiction writing has not been taken as prestigious as fiction writing.  But hats off to the electronic media that has launched a full-fledged market for writers of today. Now, all you need to know is to figure out which genres are you best at. Are you a short story writer, novelist, poet or playwright? Are you a nonfiction savvy? A research writer, blog composer, website content expert, social media content developer, article producer, interviewer, copywriter, translator, travel writer, or what? Once you decide on that, you may get focused on that particular area and develop your expertise in it.

Now, you are clear in your mind about your target market. Proceeding, you may look around to find work.

Writing for the Print Media

You may explore your chances in top notch newspapers and magazines. They pay reasonably well. The best way to make room for you is to access internships there. Then, you have options to fulltime writing or freelance writing.

Web Writing Through Online Sites

Just Google to see if there are sites that offer work assignments to writers. These sites from within Pakistan and abroad offer all kinds of web content writing opportunities to digital writers and writers for the print including both fiction and nonfiction writing. You may apply to more than one site simultaneously and then follow up. Once you start getting work, you may choose work of your choice and payment level.  Freelancer, Elance, odesk, and some similar work sites used to be good to start from but they are saturated by now. So, it is not easy to find work there. So, look for others. In fact, there are plenty of them out there. is one of the fast responsive ones.

Freelance Writing for Living Industries

These days, business companies are getting aware of the need of being online. You may contact them to write advertising content to run their websites, blogs and social media. You may either work for a niche by choosing your industry. For example, you may decide to target construction companies, educational institutes, tech ventures, eateries, medicine, entertainment, fashion or so on. Or you may write for a couple of them at the same time.

A Combination of Print & Web Writing

You may choose your area whether you prefer to work for the print or web. However, you may proceed working for both the media simultaneously. It all depends.


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