5 Ways to Get Highly Paid Copywriting Work in Pakistan


Copywriting doesn’t deserve peanuts!

Employers don’t have a faintest idea about how much amount of hard work goes into writing an article, blog, website content or social media material: lots of research, analysis, creative thinking, following SEO guidelines and applying customization. Does it deserve less than PKRS 100/500 words? I get horrified to see the copywriting rates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The most disgusting thing is content writers are selling themselves willingly for nothing without any shame or self-respect. If they are sick of unemployment, they should realize how much they earn while writing content for hours-just peanuts!

On the part of employers, it’s simply and openly an exploitation of writers. They get projects from around the world in thousands of dollars but they are willing to pay not even a 10%. I believe content writers are responsible for this financial abuse.

We will certainly have to look for ways to get out of this pitch.

Develop Self-Esteem 

Just realize your worth. Your research abilities, computer skills, foreign or local language competency, effective composition, your analytical mind, time, energy and so on deserve that ungratefulness. Through accepting low-paid work, you not only harm yourself but also damaging the market wages. Don’t accept low paid work.

Don’t fear to lose clients. Rather negotiate with them politely and make them realize that with the lowest rates they offer, they will receive only low quality work in case they hire someone else. In the beginning if you don’t get enough clients, let it be like this-Thus, the word will spread that you are a worthy and costly writer who produces excellent quality work. If content writes get united on this issue and start to demand more, employers will have no choice but to pay fairly.

Fix Your Copywriting Rates

Fight for yourself. Fix your price according to what is fair for you. Obviously, Rs. 30-100/500 word is completely unjust. You may fix price on hourly and/or Rs/word basis, where following the international market the minimum rates for the new freelancer copywriters are PKRS.1/word or 7$/hour.

Never start working on any project without receiving advanced money. It is the rule of cyber business. Advance money shows that the employer is serious in getting work done by you. Best approach is to deliver work in four instalments. First receive 25% payment and deliver 25% of the writing project on a mutually agreed upon deadline, then ask for another 25%. First receive this amount and deliver the other 25% of the work on a given deadline. And, so on. Never start working further without receiving the payment.

Develop Your Specialized Writing Skill

You will demand more with confidence when you are sure of your higher writing quality. No grammatical errors. No spelling mistakes. Perfect cohesion n coherence and well researched content.

Apart from general creative writing, just do some research and find out what kind of writing is well paid as compared to other available writing assignments. The best way is to target the writing areas where good writers are not easily available as tech writing, proposal writing, research writing, resume writing, digital writing, book writing, fiction writing.

Just mark what can be your naturally specialized areas. Make a list and start developing proficiency in those zones. For that purpose you may find out some free online courses where top universities of the globe offer free online certificate courses that help us immensely in developing new skills. coursera.org, edX.org, open2study.com, canvas.net, alison.com are among the best free educational sites.

 Develop a Personal Blog to Market Your Skills

Set up a personal blog just for free on blogger. Display your work profile; introduce yourself and put some high quality copywriting samples on your favorite topics. If you are an academic writer, post some top quality research articles there on some interesting areas of your niches, such as property, sports, dogs, social work, technology, food, fashion or so on.

 You may choose to write on diverse topics as well: you may write on web development, tech reviews and fashion. And then advertise your published posts through social media: Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. If you do a great job, employers from around the globe will certainly contact you and pay you the price you ask for.

  Look for Better Paid Companies and Opportunities

Don’t compromise on price. Say No to peanuts. Keep looking for better paid content writing projects. Don’t work for Pakistani, Indian and Bengali employers unless and until they pay you good. Within Pakistan, look for good advertising agencies or companies that are hiring professionals for their digital marketing. Check with the universities that need editing, proof reading, summarizing & grant writing services.

Look for better paid companies from other regions of the world as well. Search through social media platforms and Google search etc. There are many who will pay you well. It is just a matter of browsing.

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  2. Great Tips for Copywriters and Bloggers. You are right that many content writers are selling at low price. They should know that there work is worth more and they should try to sell it at market price. To get better price, they should produce Quality and On time delivery.


    • Yes, very well said. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. an informative piece of writing that would be an eye opener for many. having read your previous blog posts on the same topic, i too have realized that producing quality stuff for a little amount of money was really a bad deal. but still, getting hired is tough and have managed to attract few employers who are paying me good and it feels pleasant to get rewarded for the amount of effort one puts in while researching and writing content of exceptionally quality. i hope i will be getting such employers too in future. fingers crossed. thanks for guidance. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences. Best of Luck! 🙂

  4. Very informative article and I learnt a lot reading it. I agree that people really don’t value a writers job and most think that it’s easy putting words into paper and only we writers know how hard it is just to write few lines.
    Thanks for this wonderful post and you really made me think twice of my own writing….

    • Yeah, this is the dilemma. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

      • I did inter from pre engineering. I want to make my onlinr through writing. How to bid and win a project with no experience in hand? Moreover, i have no background of blogging and writing in my previous life. Also i dont have an social media presence. Please help me out to earn money as i need to support my family.

  5. Excellence work!

    • Thank you so much Maaz for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments.

  6. What do you think a fresher should demand minimum from employer in content writing?

  7. Kausar Bilal, Excellent write-up… a must-read for freelance writers!

  8. I want to start content writing, please tell me from where I can begin.

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  9. I want to writes some Advertising Ideas for Media advertising , like dialogues, ideas etc. Where I submit my ideas ?

    • please give me some time to figure out what can be done for you.
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  10. Thank you for your valuable and helpful words , please guide me if I want to write a book during my tuff marketing job, how can I do that in Pakistan

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