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Creative Writer Kausar Bilal“Had my dad been alive, I would have been into medical school.” The text spoke on my cell.

“What happened?” I texted back to my writing assistant who was a commerce student.

”I hate this Statistics, unable to grasp its concepts. Don’t know how to complete my assignment.” She replied.

“Ohhh…Why don’t you try online resources. Search for YouTube videos, tutorials or Google the concepts.” I advised through texting.

By the evening, I got a thanks sms saying, “WOW, internet really helped. I’m done with my assignment! 🙂 ”

Another episode rolled out when my son in O-Levels began complaining about his bad Math’s teacher at school and he lost interest and grades in the subject. I was worried as without Mathematics all his potential career lines were going to be blocked. With his long school hours and already very expansive school, opting for a tuition center was not an appealing idea. Then, a book by Salman Khan, The One Word Preschool, landed into my hands. I came to know how online education dealt successfully with the individual educational problems of the students. Therefore, Salman Khan took the initiative of pioneering free online Khan Academy, where all Science Subjects, Math, English, business along with some other courses were taught online to school kids. Some university level courses were also offered. I suggested my son to try it.

The beginning directed him towards exploring more free online resources. Now, it was just a matter of typing in class level along with the subject topic. The Google and YouTube brought in all the relevant material and videos in response. My son was glad to have all the help he actually needed.

I got surprised and fascinated to see free online courses for competitive exams as SAT, GAT, GMAT & IELTS.

My fascination took me towards further exploration and I was stunned to see various learning opportunities for adults as well without any age limit or pre-requisites. I took some free certificate courses in my areas of interest for which I didn’t have any opportunity before as Philosophy, American Literature, Creative Non-fiction & History.

Thus, I was independent enough to educate myself according to my actual learning needs even at my midlife. I took a break from my regular university studies and studied what was necessary for my personal enrichment.

The Good News is we have some low cost online tuition academies run for Pakistani education system as well.




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