Fear as Foundation for Wisdom

bilal kausarGod has blessed us with fears biologically like an alarming system to protect us from coming or expected dangers, like ill-health, dying, failing, and losing, etc. so that we take good care of our lives and the lives of people around us. Still, fear has a negative connotation, due to its unhealthy part in our lives, where it hinders our progress and success in our relationships and careers. Sometimes, it is phobia and sometimes lack of self-confidence. Therefore, we, as humans, try to fight these demons personally as well as professionally to grow and flourish. So, fear is a two-facet coin that either protects us or destroys us.

Another category of fear is God-fearing. Unfortunately, some people take God-fearing in a negative sense like human-fearing. It sounds strange when someone says, “I remain upset because of the Fear of God. I can’t live my life freely, because the Fear of God causes guilt inside me.” Certainly, it’s a mere misconception.

As we know, religion is there to build the connection between human and God to nurture and fulfill his spiritual self. Our spiritual powers influence our intellectual, emotional and physical health and growth. All divine religions introduce the concept of a Supreme Power, God, and develop a love bond between humans and God. When we believe in One God, and start loving Him, we don’t want to earn His unhappiness; we don’t want to withdraw from the treasure of His love. It’s our true love and fear at the same time.

God fearing is a positive energy, completely different from the unhealthy human fearing, that can destroy our lives. Those who experience God fearing as part of their True Love with God, tell that it is like a light within, a fire that is as lovely as moonlight, as warm as the winter sun and all peace.

The other concept comes along ultimately is The Life Hereafter, because God-human relationship requires it. One day lover wants to meet his Beloved.

Logically, it is not possible that God creates natural laws so that the universal bodies function in harmony and systematically for a smooth running, but doesn’t provide any guidance for his masterpiece, human, who is supposed to live with not only other humans but with other creatures, too. So, not only is man blessed with life and lots of gifts but also provided with clear guidance (through divine religions) about how to cherish it all in a way that benefits everyone.

When man is entrusted with so many things, he must be accountable for them to God, as there are no free lunches. So, it is quite logical and natural that there will be a Day of Judgment.

Believing and not believing in God is a choice for everyone. No one is forced to follow the Divine Guidance, religion. But if someone is a believer and loves God, he will find out that God-fearing is a ruling power in his life. It makes life easier and more peaceful for him and for others.

Every time, it keeps you connected with God and directs you what to do and what not to do. It restricts you from taking care of the gifts he as blessed you with like your health, money, time, relationships, etc., rather than taking these things for granted and being careless towards them. So, discipline and gratitude will comfort your life automatically.

Similarly, God fearing will restrict you from making the misuse of your possessions and position. You won’t try to harm or mistreat anyone just because you are in a powerful position. And, with a clear conscious you will lead a happier life. There, though you had to fight with the temptations of life, but God-fearing protects you from being guilty and regretful about being carried away by these temptations.

The best thing that comes along is sincerity, selflessness, and caring attitude towards your fellow humans. Whenever, it is within your hands, you will benefit people around you without worrying about its reward, no matter they are your family, friends, colleagues, clients, rivals, strangers or whoever. You know God is there to take care of you. You won’t care that people don’t acknowledge your contribution to their happy and successful lives, because you are not generous and kind to them because you expect their reciprocation. You did it for God and he is The Kindest and The Most Rewarding. So, again you have no complaints from people. You are happy that your great job is registered in God’s record.

 Likewise, God-fearing gives you courage and strength to fight social pressures or peer pressures. If everyone takes bribe to pass exams and considers it a smart lifestyle, you won’t go for it, no matter how people perceive you. Similarly, it gives you motivation and confidence to use your abilities and powers for greater human causes.

Above all you are no more afraid of humans, as you fear only God and trust His supreme powers and endless Treasures more than any other powers and resources.

God-fearing let us experience a beautiful experience when we prefer God’s teachings to our human knowledge,  understanding and wishes. We come to appreciate how wise, helpful and supportive His guidance is. Otherwise, we would have never been introduced to this Light.

  1. let’s experience. And while we do that, let’s invoke His infinite mercy. What a nice post and so timely in this “keht-ur-Rijal.”

  2. Beautiful journal ! Infact, life is something that falls in between the fear and blind trust between “The Creator” and His “Creation”. If we think deeply and have a look on the past events ….it’s evident that each and every event in our lives has a hidden purpose which walking on the labyrinth we eventually find out with much more ease , when we relate it to Allah’s will …. In simpler words if a child is holding it’s mother’s hand …. How can a mother leave her child to fall astray or abandon him …. In the same way if the creation has right bonding with the Creator ….. No harm can come its way … And there isn’t a single way of well being that is not written in the Holy Quran . Z the living miracle!!!

  3. You are absolutely right Fouqia!
    Thanks for stopping by and your contribution.

  4. Fear is a blanket that should be taken or taken off as per timing. When we wear this fear while doing or thinking bad of others, it should be taken and when it hinders us from stepping ahead, it should be thrown away. Fear is a power and weakness at the same time.

  5. Another wonderful post. Yes, thanks GOD he blessed us with the power of
    ‘GOD-fearing’. To me it is ‘Zameer ki awas’. More or less and sooner or later everyone experiences it in different ways and those who do not value their innate quality have to undergo unrealized torture. May GOD help us all to realize, recognize and practice it.
    Thanks for this beautiful post.

  6. Thanks a lot for your contribution!

  7. U r8

  8. Love is life but life is love? ?????????????

  9. Yes it’s absouletly right

  10. I’m totally convinced with the power of feeling of god-fearing but if this is not in some particular guy, s/he can also acquire the things and attributes you have talked about in your post. So why is it a must?

    And 2nd thing, you said, that we are not forced to believe in god or in the Divine Guidance (religion). Every religion and religious man especially belonging to Islam does so. Like if Islam or Islamist states that we are all going to Jahannum because we are not muslims and if we dont believe in the divine guidance.

    And on the other hand Islam says that ‘there’s no compulsion in the religion (Deen)’. What’s actual reality? What do you think about it all?

    [SideNote: This is just to increase my personal knowledge doesn’t necessarily reflect my own ideas about any religion]

    • Dear Abdul Rauf, Thanks for your intellectual comment. I think, whatever we believe in is originated from a religion, no matter it is nationalism, humanity, social service, fear of law or whatever. So, believing in Islam or some other ism or ideology is like comparing between religions.
      Here, Islam says it’s human choice to select among religions, though chosing/not chosing a divine religion is not the same in terms of its consequences. God has send His Guidance to humans. Now, humans are free to go for it or not. But in any case, they will reap different kinds of results. Since they use their freedom to select a religion for them, so they are responsible for whatever results they have to see.
      Hope you have got my point.:)

      Thanks again for stopping by.

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