Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Family coaching is a new concept in Pakistan. Actually, all adult family members have to face different kinds of problems in order to build and maintain relationships in diverse family situations. It includes dealing with difficult people, complex expectations, thankless responsibilities and individual desires within a family unit.

As a coach, I feel comfortable while coaching people of any age, gender, educational background or social status. I may empathize with their individual issues that are depriving them from actual happiness, peace of mind, their human rights and further progress in life.

I would like to help them develop new insights regarding their issues that they come up with. The catharsis and clarity of mind help them in finding ways with their problems.

I invite people for individual family coaching sessions where I will attend only one client at a time to ensure my full attention and confidentiality of the meeting. I will provide them with the analysis, my feedback, step-by-step solutions and after-session-follow-ups.

Family coaching includes:

  • How to deal with compatibility issues among married couples
  • How to survive in a combined family system
  • How to create work-life balance
  • How to be a more effective parent
  • How to pursue your personal dreams as a housewife
  • How to to build a career at midlife when kids are grownup (housewives)
  • How to deal with life after divorce, separation or death of a spouse
  • Other…