I Offer You More Than Becoming Your Facebook Friend

Every day, I receive friendship messages from ambitious people and especially from youngsters who want to have intellectual discussions with me. They like to exchange ideas on business, social issues, and work opportunities. They want to take my advice in their personal matters. On my end, if I accept these requests or even start replying to them, I won’t be left with any time for myself, my business or my family.

However, I can empathize with them because once I was in the same boat and wanted to be with different people who were like institutes to me. I wished to learn from them and grow, but they were never available because of their active engagement with their professional and personal goals. I felt like deprived of them, but later it turned out to be a blessing.

I learnt from my experiences according to my personal, professional and social needs. My further education and better work opportunities developed me until I became an independent learner. It doesn’t mean I don’t cherish the company of experienced and knowledgeable people, it just means I am no more dependent upon them.

Likewise, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help people with my knowledge and experience. However, I can’t offer it without a concrete purpose. Rather than having intellectual talks,  exchange of opinion, or information sharing on messenger that will not have any direction, I would prefer to offer my goal-oriented coaching sessions that will take my friends to the higher levels in their personal, professional and social lives. I will listen to them, counsel them, advise them and empower them with my strategic development plans. So, how about having me as your Personal Coach rather than finding me a silent friend on messenger?

So, please ask for booking coaching sessions for you. These sessions are personalized where I attend only one person at a time.

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