At the End of the Tunnel

corporate bloggerYou are a passionate writer and writing is your life. It’s your catharsis, your way of giving back, your voice to educate, your business and/or whatever, you can’t stop writing. But what, when you find yourself lost in a closed street with no ideas to write in mind, no creativity, nothing. Maybe you are occupied with other things, maybe more important or urgent in life, and not been able to concentrate on anything else to write. Or not well enough. These are the factors that can be sorted out, and once the things are settled down, you will get back to your normal writing life.

Still, sometimes, when everything is Ok, you just don’t feel creative or up to writing, though you have to write, maybe as a student for Creative writing program, a blogger or journalist, a professional writer or so on. You feel as if you run short of innovation. All your creativity has already been consumed up. Now, you are left with a completely empty head, where you have nothing to write on. It’s called Writers’ Block. It happens with everyone, no matter you are a full-time  freelance, serious or occasional writer. So, relax. There is nothing wrong with you. Don’t let it torment you. Don’t force yourself to deliver like a driver starting the car with an empty tank again and again.

In fact, the phase indicates now it’s time to experience something new. What can be new?

The best strategy is to disengage yourself from writing for a while and get busy with something interesting and exciting. It might be going on walks, meeting family, friends and new people, watching movies and other stuff, trying out new cooking recipes, attending yoga, gym or aerobics classes, going shopping, planning travelling or whatever. The change of routines, environment and activities will bring you new ideas and help you getting back to your writing mood with a fresh mind and new zeal.

Other approach can be net surfing. Go to other blogs, new topics, and random sites. You might find some interesting ideas to write on. Here, Twitter can be a huge resource. You may find a long range of topics that may fascinate you. Click the links and read various topics. One of two things will definitely happen. Either you will find new ideas to write on or you might think of writing on some familiar topics with a new perspective. For instance, a smartphone might work differently for the stay-at-home wives in the West and East. So, if you are an Eastern, you can also voice your point of view in your unique context.

Reading books, poetry or on whatever in your area of writing may inspire you and melt down your inner coldness towards your words until finally you return back to writing.

Sometimes, we have a vague idea in the mind. Just give it a chance. Start from the incomplete thought, you might get clear headed while writing on it and been able to develop on it.

Similarly, many times it is better to leave a subject for a while rather than pushing yourself to write on it. Better to start some other topic. Come back again to previous one when you naturally find something in your head.

  1. A wonderful post indeed, encouraging and informative for the writers who are a rare breed among the lot. Writers need to be encouraged and their efforts for writing must be highlighted through social media to encourage others to write. Happy writing!

  2. creative work

  3. Honestly Kausar I find writing the most interesting but at times it sounds the most boring and monotonous and then I sing songs to change the flavors:)

  4. Yes, same here. 🙂 We all writers go through the same phase in different ways, ins’t it?

  5. Loved reading this and you remind me of how many times I got stuck with nothing to write. There were times I didn’t or couldn’t write for day coz mind was just blank and there were days words kept flowing into mind with out limits.
    But with time we learn to find topics with just things or subjects around us and what ever I feel comes in to words much easier now.

    • It means you are a seasoned writer in a very short time. Best of Luck!

  6. Seriuosly Kausar you rightly claim yourself in the community of writers which is still a far cry for me. What you have written is an amazingly useful for me,

    • It’s so kind of you Shabana. Thanks for your lovely words.

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