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Hey Everyone!

I am a Digital Writer, Blogger, Corporate Writing Trainer & Success Coach.

I am a restless soul, obsessed with upgrading myself in diverse areas. For me, age is just a number. I always set new goals and envision achieving new heights in my personal, professional and social life. That’s why I could never cross my 20’s.

I always look at the world with a fresh perspective because of my creative mind, compassionate soul and problem-solving nature. I am not stuck due to my religious beliefs and social values. Rather, they became my strength and endless inspiration in becoming who I am today and who I want to be. On reviewing my life, I can describe myself in one word, that is, Non-conformist.

At the same time, I am passionate about helping others by adding more value to their lives. Digital Writing, Blogging, Corporate Writing Training and Success Coaching are my ways of helping myself and helping others simultaneously.

As a Digital Writer, I converse with the world and like to listen to the views of my readers in the shape of comments on my posts. It’s a beneficial exchange. For that, I always feel grateful to the readers who comment on my blog posts.

Being a Trainer for Professional Writing, I train CEOs, Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs in Digital Writing that is required for within-company communications, customer service, marketing, advertising and freelancing. I conduct Digital Writing Workshops so that my trainees get completely hands-on experiences as Writing is a technique and it cannot be learnt through theory or lectures. Also, I run a series of workshops where I teach only a chunk of writing skills at a time because we cannot develop effective composition overnight; it takes time.

Success Coaching is my other passion where I counsel and mentor people in solving their personal problems that keep them miserable, unhappy and unsuccessful in their personal, professional or social lives. I believe, why to stay miserable when you can book a coaching session with me.

For Coaching, there is no age-limit, no gender-issues, and, no educational and social boundaries. I not only help them remove their confusions, find their answers and set their directions but also I solve their problems with time-framed strategic plans. However, I don’t deal with the issues that require medical or psychological treatment.

You guys can contact me anytime by email: kausarbilal@gmail.com.

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