How Come Web Writers Deserve Peanuts?

downloadI got horrified to receive an email through a LinkedIn group which I joined recently. The reason of my horror was what they offered- Web Writing Work for peanuts- Rs. 30 for 500word articles- Oh my God! I was absolutely speechless.

How dare they think like this? Weren’t they interested in quality deliveries? Were they familiar with the hard work and skills that were required for such intellectual services? Or, did they believe in the dignity of work and human rights? I couldn’t figure out.

In fact, digital market offers a lot of opportunites for nonfiction Web Writers. Website contents, blogs, articles, ads, newsletters, press releases, brochures, social media marketing and much more. It all demands proficiency in research, writing and digital marketing skills. Alongside, a fiction market is also there.

Research Writing invovles a lot of research to build the concept, finding the answers of desired questions, analysis, evidence, relating the notions to real life issues, conclusions and much more.

When comes to Composition, we requires all the right information along with the citation of relevant sources/references, cohesion, coherence, correct spellings, perfect grammar, precision, summarising and repharasing to be clear and authentic in presenting our arguments. Then comes the phase of editing, editing and editing. We have to be very skillful, strategic and vigilant in order to produce quality work that can make a practical difference for society or our target audeience.

Even for Rewriting, we have to be very creative. We have to deliver the given message in a new style and voice. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to read their minds and get to know about their desires. It determines our focus and style. We give all our mental strength and writing skills to communicate with our target readership in the right direction. Does it worth peanuts?

In case of SEO Content Writing, one has to be trained for Web Writing as well, which has its own techniques. So, those who write for the web, need to be familair with the Digital Writing ingredients, no matter it is fiction or nonfiction.

Asking for that highly intellectual and demanding work on so cheap rates is very illogical and unwise. It cannot benefit any party. It means either the business man is not really concerned about the quality of his online promotion or he is inviting copywriters not to take their assignments seriously. When he doesn’t pay them fair enough, how can he expect them taking all the desired pain for him?

I am surprised, why some copywriters sell themselves so cheap? Are they aware how demanding their work is? Or, do they believe in some quick fixes, copy paste work, and low quality servises? If so, its quite natural. It is impossible to put in extraordinary hard work in exchange of no rewards.

Despite these facts, there are so many business persons in the market who want SEO content writers work for them in very low-budgets. There are some content writers who spend long hours for these peanuts. Could anyone share why is this situation prevailing and how can we change it according to what exactly the web writers deserve?

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  1. It’s always about Supply and Demand and moreover “Quality” I have worked with some Writers but till now I had a hard time with them,some of them were not punctual,others were just copying and pasting or just spinning the articles but still they wish to get high amount,obviously the client has some objective and the client expects some quality work otherwise it’s just wastage of time.
    Before you Guys point you finger towards other(Clients),You should point out to the people in your own community who just copy paste,Spin articles.
    Most of the writers these days are inexperienced,they think it’s easy to earn online and they get into this business.

    • Thank you LOL. The points you mentioned construct the other side of the coin. Your contribution is much appreciated. However, in my blogpost, I just spoke about professional content writers who want to make a serious career out of it. If they are paid fair enough, you may raise your selection criterion for them as well.

  2. i have been working as a content writer for past 3 years and am being paid with PKR 80 for 500 words. i have been delivering optimal quality work and one of my project has ever been rejected. i tried to pursue clients at other Freelance sites but i failed to attract any. i needed money and the current client paid me regularly but ofcourse it was always less. i am frustrated but am unable to find any answer but what i think is that they get work done by us at cheap rates and sell it with profit. i am trying constantly to build my profile at various websites but still fruitless. hope to get out of this soon as i believe am being exploited.

    • Thank you so much Zahra for your contribution to the post. I think most of the content writers are going through the same phase in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I think, the entire content writers community is responsible for it. We will have to take some measures to change the scenario for us.

  3. If you create good content, You’ll sell it at right Price. If you think that you are a writer and produce quality content, You’ll never sell it for peanuts.

    • You are very right, Ali, but what if you don’t get the desired opportunities more often despite having excellent content writing skills and all professionalism. Actually, well paid opportunities don’t come in abundance.

  4. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  5. Hello! Kausar, I think it s great that you and other successful freelancers spend as much time as you do educating writers on why they should avoid content mills. But I think the old adage about leading a horse to water might be applicable. To be a successful freelancer you need to be a good marketer. If you re looking for opportunities to show up in your lap or an advertisement to tell you that a site needs writers, you re destined to write for peanuts. I think many of the writers who gravitate to content mills are those who either don t realize that marketing is a key part of the equation or who think doing the legwork to get the good gigs is too much work. By the way the Best Website For Homework Help Services is

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