I call you again doubting your response

And email and sms you, risking my pride
Because I feel the chemistry, though not you
Certainly with your eagle-like eyes, you can foresee
More than I can
Every time I say, “No, no more calling…”
And, I tell my heart not to think about you
And get myself busy with some novel ideas
Pursuing my passions, goals and self-development
But then comes a mystery or puzzle
Thrown by life
And I need your companionship
To solve it
Because the rest of the world doesn’t have eyes
To see inside me, but you
Or comes an assignment
Where I need your teaching
Teaching is not about comprehending books only
But also how to deal with life
I feel confident when you are around
To be there for me
 For a discussion and a good piece of advice
Though absorbed in your life
Away from mine

Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.


  1. Really nice combination of teaching concepts and personal feelings about love

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