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Marriage: Some Pre-requisites!

As a result of an interesting study, most of our new generation, who has reached to the age/stage of getting married, does not have a common concept of marriage and why to get married. During my interviews, boys took it as a physical need/relationship, whereas girls considered

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PARENTING: Educating Preschoolers

·         Education means mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. ·         Objective thinking ensures intellectual and emotional growth. ·         Informal ways of learning are available and important, too. ·         Regular study habits should be developed. ·         Religious education should be practical and moderate, and, given by parents. Teaching

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PARENTING: Politeness for Preschool

·         Politeness includes refined language and caring behavior. ·         Politeness means knowing and accommodating others. ·         Kids need proper training for politeness. ·         Etiquettes are part of politeness. At a reputable school, no one can tell you the importance of good schooling better than a preschool teacher.

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Does Schooling Really Matter?

Our majority of parents is a product of government and traditional schools. Despite poor schooling they attain the heights of their careers; many of them became eminent professionals. It was a time when education was important without the availability of quality schools at most of the places

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