Promising Free Online Tuition Academies

“Had my dad been alive, I would have been into medical school.” The text spoke on my cell. “What happened?” I texted back to my writing assistant who was a commerce student. ”I hate this Statistics, unable to grasp its… Continue Reading


Pakistani Midlife Women: Secret of Looking Young Again

Turning 40: A New Beginning We just don’t care much about what we eat and how many long hours we spend working till 40. We take care of everything and everyone, but ourselves. However, turning 40 is something alarming-perhaps, a… Continue Reading


Pakistani Midlife Women: Simple Steps Towards HEALTH & BEAUTY

I got up in the morning and saw myself in the bathroom mirror. “Oh, really? How tensed and rough my face is looking. Maybe because I could not get a good sleep last night.” I analyzed. “Or, perhaps, it is… Continue Reading