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Patterns of Fatherhood in Pakistan

Most of the Pakistani fathers don’t know about fatherhood. It is like a manufacturing fault because in this society, girls have usually been expected and trained to be good wives, moms and daughter-in-laws, but for boys, the main focus has been on earning and education-for-earning. In a society, where family …

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No Eid for The Environment?

11 o’clock, almost midnight in a dawning autumn – I stepped brusquely towards the jogging track to accompany my husband there for the daily walk, who was supposed to be there coming from his office just beside the track. Close patrolling of university guards deepened my confidence in the dark …

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Pakistanis Are Generous But Cannot Do Social Work

14th August Happy Birthday Pakistan! I was sweating with realization when I heard the foreigner saying, “Pakistanis are very generous people but they cannot do social work. They are very pretentious. But in the West we have old traditions of social work and we respect it a lot. Another reason …

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