I Used to Chase Professional Leaders. Free Online Education Set Me Free

Once upon a time, I used to get mesmerized by the top performers in my profession. I used to take them as my mentors (gurus), and they deserved the position well because of their diverse experiences, non­traditional work approach, out… Continue Reading


A Gift of Hope: An Insightful Journey through the World of the Homeless along with Danielle Steel

The bestseller novelist, Danielle Steel, went through the loss of her son, Nick, which altered her life altogether. While mourning, one day she asked God for ‘something to hold on’ and her prayer was immediately answered:  “Help the homeless,” said… Continue Reading


Are You Interested In The Digital Reviews Of Your Books Or Being Interviewed?

I recall my freshman year at college when a postgraduate student, who was a graphologist, told me that I wanted novelty in life. I couldn’t understand it then, but later I came to know that all the reformers who are… Continue Reading