I Am A Fiction Writer…

There are characters everywhere around me All the time ready to play In my stories like my Grandpa, my friend Eesha or my boss Mrs. Ali I can imagine my grandpa saying: “Wow! You stood first in your class! What will you do With so many marks?”

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Silence & Writing

Silence and writing are like lanterns lightening the darkness inside me I need silence not to listen to others but myself But when the tides are not even in my life I look for making some time  to be with silence to sort out what is vague, weird

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“Mommy do you know what happened at school today? I am chosen the captain of volley ball team!” The good news of the day Brought by my 11 year old daughter, clad in her school uniform “Listen to you later, dear” Hurriedly I left my seat, shutting

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I Have Nothing to Waste

With every passing day, I have nothing to waste No minute, no chance, , no spirit, no brain But I make no move in haste There is always something new to taste A job, a skill, or people With every passing day, I have nothing to waste

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In My Restless Soul

In my restless soul, there is always a pounding beat Inquisitive of the facts under the daily heat Why must I choose between love and freedom May I have both, once as treat? I saw her standing in front of the mirror, admiring herself… My daughter, wearing

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Dear Life

      Life is too short to even think How many dreams come true in a wink? My wishes are sacred, my dreams are magic I cannot compare the lust and logic Sometimes, when all the efforts are fruitless It’s like to put up with a mate, heartless Earth

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