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Is Being Something Different?

I set out to a journey of being something Through college, through work Meeting new people, travel, jobs after jobs I felt as if a sculpture had come alive Email this page

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Axis-Free Earth

          With his steely eyes, colder than the winter night He left the room, absorbed in his laptop Without any promises to be back Before the sun Email this page

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The Crossroad of choices

I travel into an unknown territory lured by my admission in MPhil Mass Communication I imagine looking at the world with new lenses standing at a mountain top Email this page

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I call you again doubting your response And email and sms you, risking my pride Because I feel the chemistry, though not you Certainly with your eagle-like eyes, you can foresee More than I can Every time I say, “No, no more calling…” And, I tell my heart not to …

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…So That You Can Grow

On a moonless nightA gardener planted me in the groundand departed, leaving me to NatureSuddenly, clouds appeared in the sky And the loud wind shook me to deathThunderstorm had beaten me downuntil I saw my grave…Suddenly, the thunder turned into whispersAnd, I opened my eyes in the arms of red …

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