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Just Stay Focused!

Some great people and extraordinarily successful professionals shared their views and strategies they apply to stay focused at the time of chaos and don’t let the excessive thinking over power them. Let’s meet these amazing people. The Best Blogger of Pakistan, Syed Asghar Javed Shirazi, told,  “You can control your thoughts. …

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Thoughts at War

The book had been opened in front of me and I read a few pages, trying to focus on it, but I ended up realizing that I couldn’t comprehend even a single word, despite the fact that the book wasn’t in an alien language. My mind was blown away by the whirlwind of thoughts; …

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Why Not Confident Enough?

I remember my school time when there were some brilliant students in the class who were too shy to raise their hands to answer the teacher’s questions. I used to see their eyes scared and faces red, burning with desire to answer, but didn’t have the courage to come out of their …

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When I grow up, I will be

When I look at my 12 years old daughter, she mirrors me when I was of her age. Every year, there is a new resolution for ‘What I want to be when I grow up’; fashion designing, graphic designing, creative writing and finally photography. In our times, we had limited options, so …

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First Swim

Sometimes, we have to handle ourselves as we take care of our kids…Otherwise, we can’t get out of our demons and ifs and buts…Do we listen to our child who cries for not attending his first preschool? No, we just dress him, console him a bit, but finally leave him …

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