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As a teenager I never knew how much health and beauty was important as it was treasured inside me. But I don’t want to lose it now at midlife. I have experienced that beauty is not all about health food, regular work outs, skin care and right cosmetics. In fact, …

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There is a world online

As an outsider, I never considered online education for my professional studies as I used to think that the absence of real life student-student and student-teacher interaction won’t let us learn anything in real sense. Then, someone told me about Coursera.org, where leading universities of the world offer 300 hundred …

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Fear as Foundation for Wisdom

God has blessed us with fears biologically like an alarming system to protect us from coming or expected dangers, like ill-health, dying, failing, and losing, etc. so that we take good care of our lives and the lives of people around us. Still, fear has a negative connotation, due to …

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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but God has been surrounding me with various Professional Gurus throughout my life. He knew I was a Capricorn, an ambitious and sensitive soul, adaptable and humble, dreaming about anything and anyone related to me or people around me but naive …

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