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Gender Issues

Midlife Career in Ladies

In Pakistan, when we visit the educational institutes and work places, we sometimes find middle-aged ladies as well, may be with serious faces and wrinkled foreheads. It’s a completely new trend which is surprising but truly promising and rewarding. The young classmates or co-workers eye them curiously, how did they …

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Worthless Housewives

When you look back at 12, 15 years of your married life, you think despite your invaluable services you might have wasted your precious life. After your college education, you got married, raised healthy, nice and successful kids, proved yourself into your in-laws, and did everything to come up to …

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Mothers back to school

Life is unpredictable with all its blind folds. Long lasting dreams usually come true. Being the eldest of all four sisters is not a good enough reason to get married right after getting the bachelor’s degree. But mounting social pressures on parents and eldest daughters can push you into a …

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All that Glitters is Gold!

First time, when I had to drop the option of a good ‘can-be bride’ for my brother just because the girl was a little too fatty, I felt gloomy though helpless. Then I realized that at times a little bit of glitters can transform someone into real Gold. I went …

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